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Comment: Re:Bitcoin (Score 1) 709

by NotAGoodNickname (#37766270) Attached to: Value of Bitcoin "Crashes"
I love gold zealots. Gold is up 150% vs the dollar in the last 5 years. Are you suggesting that is because gold has become 150% more valuable in industrial processes in the past 5 years? Or is it more likely that Gold is up 150% because of speculation due to unstable currencies and other commodities? Gold has some value in industrial processes yes, and is relatively rare, but so are other commodities that aren't up 150%.

Comment: Re:Bitcoin (Score 1) 709

by NotAGoodNickname (#37766044) Attached to: Value of Bitcoin "Crashes"
Very true - not the best example. However, a more recent example is the Brazilian Real has lost 20% of its value against the USD in the last 30 days. Currencies fluctuate, and since Bitcoin isn't a heavily used currency it happens to fluctuate a lot. Even a "stable" currency like the US dollar has massive swings. It doesn't mean Bitcoin isn't "worth a shit". I'm not a Bitcoin supporter, but I think it is interesting from a tech perspective.

Comment: Re:Bitcoin (Score 1) 709

by NotAGoodNickname (#37764234) Attached to: Value of Bitcoin "Crashes"
That makes no sense. Bitcoin is just a currency, like any other, except that it can't be inflated. No currency "takes into account real world variables". The value of any currency is variable. Bitcoin is much more variable but that is because it isn't heavily used, just like every other non-widely used currency in the world.

Comment: Re:Homeland Security's gonna love this... (Score 1) 153

by NotAGoodNickname (#37664236) Attached to: Qu8k Rockets Above the Balloons
Who makes all the equipment that you use for your hobby? Who made the computer you are using right now? Also, are governments not fouling the earth as well? What planet are you living on? Fully half of the Superfund sites in my state are Federal government created sites, mostly Military. And we as the taxpayers didn't get any benefit from it, unless you consider deadly weapons a useful product.

Comment: Re:Social Responsiblity (Score 2) 185

by NotAGoodNickname (#37423010) Attached to: Seismologist Manslaughter Trial Begins Next Week
They aren't being tried for doing their jobs, they are being tried for allegedly NOT doing their job. The point is that they intentionally disseminated misleading information and not following the correct procedures, not that they didn't predict earthquakes. At least that is what the prosecutor claims. I have no idea if he is correct or not.

Comment: Re:Let the patent war begin (Score 1) 186

by NotAGoodNickname (#37399928) Attached to: Russian President Interested In Funding ReactOS
But Android apps and iOS apps are not linux apps. So the argument that no one would use a new OS because no-one would write software for it has been debunked. It is entirely possible to introduce a new OS and have tons of people use it. For example: Android and iOS. Chasing after Windows is pointless. Microsoft already does Windows better than anyone else.

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