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Comment Re:Wrong tool (Score 1) 144

n the process we discovered a huge number of accounting errors thanks to it, typically invoices that were never billed, to the tunes of nearly one million dollars. It took us several months to correct them.

About 20 years ago I did some contract work for a hospital whose accounting group did all of their day-to-day work with Quattro Pro, then a nightly process batched all of the spreadsheet work into the actual accounting system that ran on a System/390. The spreadsheet was useful for the bookkeepers and accountants to get a lot of work done every day spanning 60K accounts, and having the batch run by the actual accounting system was great for picking up errors (the batching code also did some rudimentary checking of its own as well), so we rarely had any errors that took more than a day to identify and fix.

Comment Illumination wavelength (Score 5, Informative) 83

One of their more promising goals is to create a "perfect lens" which would allow an every day person to view things as small as a virus with the naked eye.

Hmm, how does one see a 50nm virus when illuminated with 400 nm light, no matter how good the lens is? I guess you could illuminate it with far UV and use a fluorescent material to shift the wavelength of the magnified image into something visible, but I'm not sure what the lens has to do with that.

Comment Re:They're worthless. (Score 1) 213

It seems they didn't think someone doing helpdesk should know the three little lights on the keyboard are important diagnostic output.

What about keyboards that don't have indicators? One of Dell's most popular Bluetooth keyboards in years past (Y-RAQ-DEL2) has none, for instance.

Comment Re:Sit down, shut up, and do your work... until... (Score 1) 165

Don't start complaining about this. Those of us in the 1099 contracting game LIKE it this way!!

We do so long as the compensation is appropriate for it. If you're working through an agency and being paid the same as you would working W-2, then you're almost certainly losing money doing it since you have to cover your half of Social Security, in addition to doing quarterly taxes and generally keeping up with more paperwork as you mentioned.

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