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Comment Re:Jar Jar Binks (Score 3, Interesting) 421

Natalie Portman is an award winning actor and quite good in other movies.

The parent poster wasn't saying she was bad, and was pointing out that even she couldn't save Hayden's performance. The other obnoxious, annoying, incompetently-acting individual he was talking about was Jake Lloyd. Part of my disappointment was due to Christensen's performance, but a lot of it was due to the awful script and having to deal with Lucas's idea that Darth Vader was a whiny little bitch most of the time.

As for my part, I felt it was quite disrespectful to Sebastian Shaw's memory and career that he was replaced in the ending scene for no good reason. It doesn't make sense either - Obi-Wan's ghost was still old, as was Yoda's, so why is Anakin magically returned to his 20-something self when no one else is? And if you're going to replace Shaw with Christensen, why not also replace Alec Guinness with Ewan McGregor?

Comment Re:Great (Score 4, Interesting) 111

It's usually a little more subtle than that. Once the evidence is discovered via illegal means, the information is forwarded on to the local law enforcement folks, who then might tail the suspect until they do something *provably* illegal (tail light out, improper lane change, loitering, etc.). Once they have an excuse to detain the suspect, they can use dogs (also questionable, IMO) or whatever other *actual, documented* means (as opposed to "theoretical" means) to get the evidence that will then stand up to scrutiny in court. I imagine it often happens that the arresting officers themselves aren't even let in on the secret by their bosses. They're just told to look for a specific person or make/model of car with this license plate number, and find a reason to pull it over.

Your basic premise is sound though - it's still nothing more than a near-bulletproof means of gaining evidence illegally and keeping the true means by which it was discovered from the court. Lies of omission are still lies.

Comment Re:They have no plan (Score 1) 188

I photograph auroras for fun, and in learning about them... and as I am both a ham and an engineer... it does tend to provoke some paranoia. And as for the neighbors... this is Montana. :)

What are the auroras looking like lately? I'll be spending a week a little north of you in Lethbridge, AB, and it'd be awesome if that's far enough north to see anything.

Comment Re:Risk and liability (Score 1) 572

Mature professionals are not swayed by the latest coolness. In contrast they are strongly aware of risk and liability, and working with an uncooperative supplier introduces both, as well as unpleasantness and annoyance at work.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of places where mature professionals are not the ones calling the shots. The "system architect" where I work is an example. He's very much "rah-rah" about open source, which isn't necessarily bad in and of itself, but he has a tendency to design around whatever he thinks is cool that day without regard to the particular technology's track record, how it will be supported, whether it scales, and whether it's appropriate for the project at hand. He tries to shout down any opposition during the rare meetings he actually attends, and management doesn't listen to anyone else (even though most of us have far more experience in many more disparate systems).

Yeah, I've already put my notice in.

Comment Re:How about a Raspberry Pi case for an emulator? (Score 1) 128

You can - Populous is available here (with the permission of the publisher), and a number of Amiga emulators are also available there. If you don't have a legal set of ROMs and Kickstart/Workbench disks, I would recommend Amiga Forever, which is not expensive and will have everything you need.

Comment Re:ACTUAL reason (Score 1) 235

Slap some explosives and shrapnel on a drone, fly it into a press conference

So what keeps any other conventional RC aircraft operator from doing the same, with the advantage that one has been able for years to build large aircraft that can fly at 200 mph and carry 20-30 pounds of payload? The engines for such aircraft are rather expensive, but any decently-funded organization wouldn't have an issue with that.

What's so special about a 3 pound quadcopter? Traditional RC helicopters are much faster and much more maneuverable.

Comment Re:On the fly/road measurements (Score 3, Interesting) 203

because most people can't afford to keep cars of that age on the road at all

If we assume the average new car is $20,000 today, it works out to close to $450/month over four years. I don't know too many people with older cars that are having to spend anywhere near that much on maintenance.

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