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Comment Re:15 years old? (Score 2) 433

Ever heard of a country called the Netherlands? Size of Maryland, population 17 million, one of the densest in the world? Also happens to be consistently it the top-3 of agricultural exporters in the world, and most of that stuff is grown in the middle of the densest part of that country. Feeding 17 million people, with enough to spare to feed half of Germany.

Comment Re:The Left's fear of technology (Score 1) 355

If I can comment from another continent. The "left" in the US seems to be a diverse field of right wing, centrist and left wing politicians that disagree about a great many things. The "right" in the US is off the charts. Absolutely crazy, beyond redemption. The Reps need to die and give room for the Dems to split into right and left.

Comment Re:he should know better (Score 1) 317

So "freedom of speech" means "freedom of speech"? I don't see a definition in the article you quoted, just a blanket statement that it cannot abridge the thing that it fails to define. This has lead in the US to endless confusion: is yelling "fire in a theatre" freedom of speech? Is money speech? Honestly, it is much clearer what is protected in the German version. You might not like it as it might sound too constrained, but at the very least it is a definition, not an empty phrase.

Comment Re:Litigious Much (Score 1) 815

I think you're confused about the meaning of agnostic and atheist, as these are answers to different questions. The agnostic answers "no" to the question "do you know God exists?". The atheist answers "no" to the question "do you believe in God?". In many cases, the agnostic answer automatically leads to the atheist position (why would you believe in God if you have no knowledge of her?)

Comment Re:Affordable Care Act (Score 3, Informative) 137

The problem with this approach is that it gives no incentive to healthy people to get insured. With voluntary insurance, you will only get insurance when you're sick, and prices will skyrocket. Private insurance found their own way to force people into insurance, and that's called pre-existing conditions. You'd better get insured while you're healthy, because you will not be covered if you suddenly get sick. The only way healthcare can financially work is if healthy people pay for the sick.

Comment Re:Another example (Score 1) 728

That religious persecution happened as a result of their being atheists

Doesn't follow. In typical fundamentalist religious societies, religious persecution happens for all religions except the state religion. Religious persecution happens as a result of the leaders being psychopaths. Atheist psychopaths simply believe in one less God than religious psychopaths, and therefore persecute one more religion.

Comment Re:No it's the opposite (Score 1) 728

Evidence is not on your side. Recent research indicates that kids with a religious upbringing are less altruistic than kids with an a-religious upbringing. Also, religious kids are more likely to condemn other people's shortcomings more harshly (big surprise).

If, as you state, religion is the prison to keep sociopaths in check, it might turn out that, analogously with criminals in prison, religion is the place where sociopaths become more experienced.

Comment Re:New = Outlandishly Expensive (Score 1) 345

Well, OP made a blanket statement seemingly implying that the government is fully at fault that it is expensive to put medicine on the market, completely ignoring the fact that companies are unable to safely put something on the market when left to their own devices. So the two comments nicely balance out. The true answer is of course to make sure that the regulations make sense, not damn them. I'm also sure that very few of the posters in this thread have detailed information about the type of regulations we are talking about and the reason they were put in place. I'm sure that some of them are stupid, I'm equally sure that many of them are actually very appropriate.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 320

Why don't you get your head out of your ass and understand that the days of being a Windows-only-shop are over and you will have to support a stable infrastructure without having full control of the clients that are there. You still need to provide services, yet you do not have airtight control over your clients. Maybe you should educate yourself and look at some real solutions instead of the Windows lock-in you're so used to? My organization has the exact same problem. We have moved on and use Apple/Linux all over the place. IT has no clue how to support it, as all they know is point-and-click Windows that won't work with anything else. This is the same IT that nearly killed an acquired development office by refusing to support the linux development boxes on their precious network, forcing a great workforce to ditch their linux machines and run Windows. We lost half of the developers before we found out about this idiocy and put a stop to it.

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