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Comment: Re:Gulf oil spill, Fukushima (Score 1) 417

Your problem lies in confusing cause and solution. Yes, there's a problem with CO2, please recognize that so that we can have a meaningful discussion about the solution. As long as people like you are fighting the causal analysis because you don't like the solutions that others are proposing, you are not contributing in a meaningful way. You're just stalling.

Recognizing that we're in trouble does not equate buying into any solution. It is however close to criminal to fight the analysis at this stage.

Comment: Re:Maybe not as scary you might think (Score 1) 417

Yes, and all life is descendent of an unbroken string of lucky breaks. Every single one of our ancestors, going back to the origin of life 4 billion years ago, was able to reproduce at least once to produce each and every organism on earth today. Given this, it is clear that we've been bred for luck. Nothing bad can ever happen to us.

Comment: Re:So doe sthis mean I can... (Score 1) 1168

Your argument breaks down when enough people find the act of 'inclusion' offensive in its own right. Say I do start a wedding shop that caters for gays somewhere deep in bigot land. Although on the surface I'm serving a larger potential market, the religious bigots will avoid my business as the plague, simply because I also serve a group they don't like. They will also refuse to do business with anyone that dares to shop at my place. Because I'm Satan. Net result, I only get custom from the few gays and libs that dare to confront the majority, and I'm bankrupt in a few months. Status quo is maintained and will not be broken due to the tyranny of the majority. Study segregation a bit to see how this works.

Comment: Re:Different conceptions of harm? (Score 1) 1168

In reality, gay people outside of large Metropolitan areas will indeed be unable to get a cake decorated. Because Jane's wedding shop is not decorating "gay" cakes, Sue's wedding shop, who is providing "gay" cakes will be out of business very soon, as only gays will do business there. The rest of the population goes to virtuous Jane and will leave Satan Sue without much business. So soon there will be no cake to have, nor eat, for gay people. Tyranny of the majority.

Comment: Re:They can lower it all they want. It will not ma (Score 1) 442

by NoOneInParticular (#49370799) Attached to: Experts: Aim of 2 Degrees Climate Goal Insufficient

Someone needs to move first, and I think China has a pretty good argument that the rise from 320 ppm to 400 ppm from 1960 to 2015 is about 80% attributable to Western society. No wonder they're waiting for the West to stop further increase before they start. Posts like yours give a clear indication that the US will not make this first move.

Suppose you drop a piece of paper in a landfill, and suddenly you get slapped by a bill to clean up 50% of this landfill. Fair?

Comment: Re:It depends (Score 1) 486

by NoOneInParticular (#49340517) Attached to: No, It's Not Always Quicker To Do Things In Memory
They're testing the common assumption that to do anything fast, you have to do it in memory, regardless of language etc.They take production code to test this. Their work falsifies the claim that memory operations are necessarily faster. The abstract is pretty clear about this, not sure where you got confused.

Comment: Re:Pointing out the stark, bleeding obvious... (Score 1) 247

Mr. Helicopters, are you aware you are commenting in a thread about a country where public opinion, money as well as politics are aligned to create a solution? I understand you're from Texas, so it's hard to conceive that things are different outside of your backward little universe, but truly, claiming that nothing can be done "because politics" in an article where it is actually politics that works on a solution is even for Texan standards pretty darn stupid.

Comment: Re:Pointing out the stark, bleeding obvious... (Score 1) 247

Let's take another analogy: suppose we're somehow capable due to our actions to melt the ice on Greenland and Antarctic in such large quantities that the sea-level rises significantly. Suppose it will rise by 10 meters if we don't do anything. Shutting down what we do completely would let it rise by a mere 5 meters. Doing something less than that will only bring us halfway, making it rise only 7.5 meters. The difference between 7.5 and 10 will still probably save millions of lives. There will still be cities destroyed, but fewer. Although your plane analogy is possibly much more relevant to the issue of global warming than my sea-level example, it does point out that your argument doesn't necessarily hold water.

Comment: Re:He's not always right. (Score 1) 214

by NoOneInParticular (#49287613) Attached to: The GNU Manifesto Turns Thirty
I'm not sure that you've thought this all the way through. Imagine a world without copyright on software. Would the philosophy behind the GPL still be distinctive? I would say it would not: although it would make making the clause about distributing the 'preferred way of making modifications' untenable, it would allow everyone to modify and distribute source code if they have it, it would allow anyone to decompile, reverse engineer, modify and distribute. If I can distribute your binaries without repercussions, proprietary software would cease to exist. I'm pretty sure a world without copyright on software is RMS' dream.

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