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Comment: Re:Sure... (Score 1) 340

Depends on who pays for the locks. If there is a separate department that pays for the locks, then yes, that's a cost center. If it comes from the retail store's budget, then no, it is paid by the profit center. Being part of a profit center doesn't mean you don't have costs. Being part of a cost center doesn't mean you're not involved in profit.

Comment: Re:California Energy Commission still saying it (Score 1) 717

Interesting evidence you bring to the table. So we have a prediction that increased tides induced by sea level rise will likely become very dangerous by 2050 for the bay area (up to half a meter of additional storm surge tide). An "underwater map" about what could happen in about 100 years from 1997 given a 1 meter sea level rise at the highest tide, and a professor that states that species will need to move to Canada if the temperature rises by about 2.5 degrees Celsius in 100 years.

Not sure if this truly supports your point, as this seems to be pretty consistent with what we're expecting to experience. Not 100% sure about the specifics of the Bay Area as that seems to be a bit on the high side, but could be an effect of the actual geography of the area.

Comment: Re: Land of the free (Score 2) 579

by NoOneInParticular (#48629577) Attached to: Reaction To the Sony Hack Is 'Beyond the Realm of Stupid'

I'm from Holland. It's pretty easy to obtain a gun if you really want to. But law-abiding citizens typically don't do this, because ... it's the law (duh).

By not having an arms-race, I'm not afraid being shot at by a burglar, because also they don't typically carry a gun.


Your argument doesn't hold water. You state roughly that the Nazis are leftist because all totalitarians are leftist. And as Nazis are totalitarians they must be leftist.

You mix terms: you draw an opposite between 'totalitarian' and 'liberal', and you equate them to 'left' and 'right'. That doesn't work: the traditional 'left' versus 'right' divide is about those who believe in 'class equality' and those that believe in 'private property'. Both have totalitarian as well as liberal factions. Where the left have communists that are as totalitarian as it gets, the right have fascists and authoritarian factions that drive towards a totalitarian state. The US "democrat and republican party" being one example of such an authoritarian right wing faction.

Comment: Re:Your argument is devoid of facts (Score 4, Insightful) 399

The NAZI party was the NATIONAL Socialist GERMAN Workers PARTY. So per your argument, that's as right wing as it gets. All the NATIONAL parties of the history have been right wing. Left wing parties are typically INTERNATIONAL (their war-song is even called the "Internationale"), as their ideology is about class, not about nation.

So the name of the Nazis both appeal to extreme left wing, as well as extreme right wing. This is not a coincidence.

The rest of the AC's argument is as stupid and ill-informed.

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