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Comment: Re:Apple (Score 2) 565

by NightLamp (#40414117) Attached to: Microsoft's Surface Caught Windows OEMs By Surprise
The value proposition with ARM WinRT is new, you get a copy of Office (desktop version) with every license. This hasn't been done before, at the price that an ARM WinRT license goes for ($85-$90) you get the OS and Office, thus sharing a slice of the massive revenue Office brings.

I don't think MS is worried about OEM's taking the opportunity seriously, I think they genuinely want to push the envelope on design and quality, it's like saying "if you can't beat this (Surface), then you are going to lose.", that is a legitimate business strategy.

Comment: Re:Idiot (Score 1) 179

Early on in the article you used the phrase "the HTML5 Metro interface" this is a misnomer and demonstrates a basic misunderstanding of the platform as a whole. Metro is not HTML5 however you may write a Metro Style App in HTML5+JavaScript (are we just saying HTML5 now?). In addition you may write a Metro Style App (all of which will work on ARM) using C# and a subset of .NET through the Metro CLR, or in C++.

The only unknown is whether or not Microsoft will eventually port the Desktop CLR to ARM. It has not been announced for the release however one must consider that it may happen at some point in the future.

You may read this article to obtain a better understanding of an (admittedly confusing) situation.

Comment: Re:any rumours on the next Amazon e-ink device? (Score 1) 140

by NightLamp (#37510154) Attached to: Amazon To Launch Kindle Tablet?

I also wish this was being talked about more, I am not interested in 10 hour battery life, I'm interested in a 15 day battery life for a tablet - it doesn't require a back-lit LCD 60Hz screen, but an app store would be nice.

I wonder at this point what the best multi-purpose e-ink tablet is?

Comment: Re:old machinery (Score 1) 234

by NightLamp (#34335332) Attached to: Computer Crashed New Orleans Real Estate Market

Did someone let them know that the company they hired to back up their data is garbage? (i365, a Seagate company:
They must be using all that Maxtor ( ) junk to store the data.

I wish New Orleans could catch a break, just one time.

Comment: Re:Gir's Analysis: Doom, Doom, Doom (Score 1) 298

by NightLamp (#32991864) Attached to: A Windows Phone 7 For Every Microsoftie

WinPhone 7's killer app: makes AND holds actual phone calls.

On a serious note I think the combination of 3rd party hardware with minimum specs and an itunes-like sandboxed app store could be a real challenger. Let's not underestimate the traction of Office either - the '97 bailout of Apple by Microsoft wasn't just about the $150 million after all. Office Mac truly gave Apple room to breathe and it continues to do so.

Comment: Re:No current OS is "right for a slate" (Score 1) 467

by NightLamp (#32344588) Attached to: Why Windows 7 "Slate" Tablets Won't Happen

I think, far from dropping the ball on 'slate' form-factors, Microsoft has given away a great idea in the form of the Courier - a book-like, protected and familiar form. Clearly, based on recent news, they are not going to make and market such a device.

I would enjoy making one. I have the know-how to emulate the functionality witnessed in the tech demos of the Courier, in .net. Really, they have all the important ideas laid out - what form factor, what you want to do, how it can benefit YOU. Seeing the desire for the product and the opportunity to make one is a situation that comes along rarely. In form it is basically an evolved Nintendo DS, easily possible, challenging to make cutting-edge.

As with many Microsoft ideas it is ahead of its time - already on high-end Dell tablets one can purchase a touch-screen which is friendly to both finger and stylus. This will only get more common - right tool for the job. To focus exclusively on fingerprint-sized interaction on a non-keyboard device is a mistake, why can't I use my fingernail? duh.

I own and use an HP TC4100 Tablet, Nokia N800, Wacom tablet an iPod Touch and a Sony E-Reader. Have used an iPad,

Angels, call me!

Comment: Re:On2 video patents (Score 1) 399

by NightLamp (#32293826) Attached to: MPEG-LA Considering Patent Pool For VP8/WebM

Yeah because On2 is going to be able to takedown Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic, Hitachi, Fujitsu, LG, Philips, Fraunhofer, Sharp, Seimens? You're joking right? These companies have a far more vast patent portfolio than some little dinky company like On2 could ever dream of having.

What I need to know, then, is why these giants didn't ever get around to shaking down On2 before it was open-sourced.

Comment: Re:This is early days for the video tag (Score 1) 391

by NightLamp (#31471890) Attached to: A Skeptical Comparison of HTML5 Video Playback To Flash

It truly does seem that Apple is intentionally crippling OSX in order to promote an agenda, I don't begrudge any corporation formulating a plan to make money and following through with it, but the DRM debacle has taught Apple that shackling your customers, in this case by intentionally not providing the best web experience possible, is a recipe for increased profits.

I, for one, will not support this strategy. I hope in the future, much as the separation of church and state in politics, there arises a mandated separation of hardware and software (OS) vendors. I realize there are gray areas and fuzzy lines in this separation but in order to protect ourselves as consumers (like we do as citizens) this is seeming more and more necessary.

Comment: Re:End of Proprietary Formats? (Score 1) 272

by NightLamp (#31403312) Attached to: What To Expect From HTML5

However we open a door for a lot of bad implementations of HTML5

The door is already open, an HTML5 canvas renderer and implementation in Flash is definitely possible, much like Chrome Frame for IE it could help spur adoption for legacy browsers. Silverlight could accomplish the same thing - possibly in a more complete way since custom video decoders can be written for it.

Think about this issue inside-out, what happens when full web browser functionality is replicated in Flash(AIR) or Silverlight(OOB)?

Comment: Re:This is great! (Score 2, Interesting) 300

by NightLamp (#30821552) Attached to: Open-Source JavaScript Flash Player (HTML5/SVG)

Can't we ditch JavaScript and _just_ use Flash - a nice blockable scripting engine that isn't integrated so deeply with HTML that disabling it breaks scores of sites with otherwise useful information?
If I want maximum battery life I block scripting, period. If I want fancy UI doo-dads and continuous browser-server communication I can enable Flash. What I don't want is great gobs of busted HTML when I don't want to run any kind of scripting engine. Just because you can doesn't mean you should, I'd like it if JavaScript became a "can't".

Promising costs nothing, it's the delivering that kills you.