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Comment: Re:Stop it......its BS.....where are the ice sheet (Score 1) 623

by Nigel Stepp (#42058241) Attached to: Report Says Climate Change Already Evident, Emissions Gap Growing

Also you're comparing geological time-scale climate change with dramatic recent climate change. Answers for your questions exist, even if you don't wish to see them.

Comment: Venue and such (Score 1) 12

by Nigel Stepp (#41419929) Attached to: Slashdot Anniversary: Santa Monica, CA, US

So! The Daily Pint is a great little place with interesting beer and a *huge* scotch menu. I did say little though, but I'm banking on a distribution of arrival times. In any case, I checked with them and they are cool with a bunch of people showing up. They also have pool tables and some other games.

By the way, I'll plan on wearing my nethack shirt.

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