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+ - Vint Cerf Warns Users of IPv4 Depletion->

Submitted by Nigel Stepp
Nigel Stepp (446) writes "The reason IPv6 has not been deployed after a decade is still hotly debated. Vint Cerf has now publicly cited lack of ISP support as the primary roadblock, which has been one opinion. Coverage of the IPv6 issue in mainstream media has been rare, and such a notable figure publicizing it in these terms will most likely shape how the next few years unfold.

From the BBC News article, 'Internet Service Providers urgently need to roll out the next generation of net addresses for online devices, internet pioneer Vint Cerf has said.'

Specifically, Vint seems to think creating user demand is essential: 'The reason [ISPs] haven't — which is quite understandable — is that customers haven't asked for it yet," said Mr Cerf, adding, "my job, whether with my Icann hat on or not, is to persuade them to ask for it.'"

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It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - Simpson's Premier Town Announced

Submitted by Nigel Stepp
Nigel Stepp (446) writes "It has recently been announced that the winner of the Simpson's Springfield Contest is Springfield, VT.

I don't necessary think this means Springfield, VT is the "official" Springfield. What it does mean, however, is that the movie will premier there on July 27th.

The Illinois Springfield suggested that the competition "Eat my shorts", however, it looks like other shorts will be eaten instead."

+ - MS accidently classifies Spanish IE7 as Enlgish

Submitted by Nigel Stepp
Nigel Stepp (446) writes "If you updated IE7 on WSUS recently, and were expecting an English version, you may have received a Spanish one instead. It appears that there was a problem with language classification that caused the Spanish version to be labeled as English.

A Program Manager from Microsoft says that the problem is being worked on."

Are we running light with overbyte?