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Comment: Free speech limits (Score 2) 214

by Nephrite (#39836861) Attached to: Facebook 'Likes' Aren't Protected Speech

I think that free speech protection must have some limits. I don't think that my employee that openly supports my opponent will work well for me. And I think that an employee should have some basic loyalty to his employer. Critique is ok, but openly stating support for a competitor is not. And after all that employee wasn't "terminated" in Terminator sense.

Comment: Re:Gender issues? (Score 1) 589

by Nephrite (#38738682) Attached to: Tackling Open Source's Gender Issues

Since 1998 I worked in at least six companies, one of them state owned and one foreign (American) and none employed women as software developers. They were not very large though, nothing like Microsoft. And your experience in fact just reinforces my point: there is no discrimination of women, if they want they do work as your experience proves and if they don't want they don't work as my experience shows. There is no need for any organization to further promote women to sw developers. What we see is just another bunch of professional revolutionaries looking for more evil to fight.

Comment: Gender issues? (Score 1) 589

by Nephrite (#38735758) Attached to: Tackling Open Source's Gender Issues

Oh please. On a mailing list, or forum, or website no one knows you're a dog... er, a woman. I mean, if women wanted they would participate, there is NO problem for them. Create an account and submit yor code, period. Because of non-profit nature of many open source project and hence lack of government intervention the percentage of women is perfectly natural contrary to proprietary software firms which are subject to stupid feminist laws and quotas. I'm Russian and during my whole carrier I met ZERO female developers (there were testers and managers, though) and not because of some discrimintation but because of lack of applicants. Yes, I never saw a woman rejected because none applied. So there is just NO gender problem. On the other hand forcing businessmen to hire some underrepresented "minority", be it blacks, disabled people, or women just fills the enterprize with freeloaders who just suck your money and whom you can't get rid of.

Comment: Too much smartphones, no PDAs anymore (Score 1) 618

by Nephrite (#35174532) Attached to: Why Dumbphones Still Dominate, For Now

Actually, I find it kinda sad that PDAs disappear. I like to keep my gadgets separate. It's more convenient for me. I have a phone (not completely dumb, but not very smart too), an old HP PDA and separate MP3 player. I tried to listen music on my phone. Clumsy. I tried to use my PDA for talking on the phone (it can disguise as a hands-free bluetooth set) - clumsy too. The best for me is to have three separate gadgets. But alas, recently I decided to upgrade my PDA and what do I see? That no one makes and sells them now. There are only smartphones. So no PDA for me, I guess.

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