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Comment The real problem (Score 0) 615

The real problem is not that driverless trucks will destroy jobs. It's capitalistic system where man has to get a job to get money. We now have robots everywhere. In factories, in home and on the road. Is it paradise, where man at last doesn't have to work? No, it's a hell where man can't get a job. What nonsense.

Comment Will not happen (Score 2) 242

Killing a politician with subtle electronic sabotage is not appealing to terrorists. It is not dramatic. It is quiet. Terrorists would rather blow a city block with TNT to kill a politician. Killing somebody using defibrillator suits spies or other government agents.

Comment Free speech limits (Score 2) 214

I think that free speech protection must have some limits. I don't think that my employee that openly supports my opponent will work well for me. And I think that an employee should have some basic loyalty to his employer. Critique is ok, but openly stating support for a competitor is not. And after all that employee wasn't "terminated" in Terminator sense.

Comment Re:Gender issues? (Score 1) 589

Since 1998 I worked in at least six companies, one of them state owned and one foreign (American) and none employed women as software developers. They were not very large though, nothing like Microsoft. And your experience in fact just reinforces my point: there is no discrimination of women, if they want they do work as your experience proves and if they don't want they don't work as my experience shows. There is no need for any organization to further promote women to sw developers. What we see is just another bunch of professional revolutionaries looking for more evil to fight.

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