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Comment Re:Yes (Score 2) 698

You do realize that anarchism is defined loosely enough to be quite inclusive of varying degrees of social control? The most anarchic anarchist society would end in mob rule, but few anarchists want that. Because of this you end up with a broad spectrum of people in the definition of 'anarchists'; those that want more municipal level communist elements to those who advocate strongly for primitivism, and also the "American" libertarians/AnCaps.

To my understanding, the policing model most compatible with "anarchism" would involve community selected individuals to be members of the police force. How practical of a model this might be is completely up for debate. The AnCaps would argue whoever has the money to pay for police deserve police...? Something like that.

Comment Re:The question is (Score 1) 416

What about the part that the wave is reflected back to the otherside of the cavity? Does it not just - reflect back and forth technically creating a net thrust of zero? I thought that guy claimed the slots inside the drive were the key to it's operation, yet the null device - one which did not contain the slots - worked the same.

Here's my past experience with microwave experiments: the damn things interferes with all your instruments in the most absurd of ways.

Don't believe me? Go take any normal voltmeter, remove the probe leads, and run the microwave with the door open (by passing the interlock of course) for just 5 seconds within a few feet of it - you'll get voltage reading. If you're not getting a reading then you are probably using a well shielded device - likely a Fluke or Keithley meter. Even those meters will likely show something still, I'd be impressed if they didn't.

So them measuring something like a few milliNewtons on a device that probably measures small signals and using even 50W in an enclosed cavity nearby - which itself will reemit some radio waves - on a metal table or in a steel vacuum chamber, where their own simulations show a large magnetic field gradient from one end of the device to the other - is enough evidence for me at least to show they're fooling themselves.

Comment Re:Yet another Ted Cruz bashing article ! (Score 1) 416

This is the result of getting jerked around by politicians every few years. America got to the moon because it was something everyone could agree upon that would stick it to the Ruskies!

After doing the bulk r&d for the Apollo project, the budget sort of tapered off ... https://upload.wikimedia.org/w...

It's like every President since Kennedy felt they needed to give NASA some long term objective just to have the following Presidency give them something else, and have both House and Senate subcommittees give their two cents on objectives and funding.

It's just a recipe for the bullshit you see right now.

Comment Re: Yet another Ted Cruz bashing article ! (Score 1) 416

NASA needs to study the multivariable behaviour of Earth's climate to better understand the climate of other planets. It's cheap and easy, and provides lots of science relative to larger space exploration missions with limited capability. How the fuck can we make claims about a far off planet's atmosphere from light spectrum observations alone if we can't come to a consensus on our own planet's atmosphere?

Comment Re:Actually (Score 1) 532

You have to give the guy some slack. He's lived longer than my grandfather yet was diagnosed with a disease that should have killed him in a couple of years. Of course he'll have something negative to say about aggression - what the fuck is he going to do about someone being violent to him and his family? Ram them with his electric wheel chair while making snarky comments via text-to-voice?

Comment This info is for us, not the average pleb (Score 2) 192

Considering this audience is pretty much the only one that understands the implications behind these revelations. WE should be the ones raising the issues and getting in the government's face about this, but technologists are notoriously passive when it comes to protesting the government. With that in mind, there's not too much _I_ can do as a Canadian to protest the NSA/GCHQ, but there's definitely the CSE who are one of the "5 eyes" members.

However the easiest response to mass surveillance is mass encryption, and that doesn't involve standing outside for hours shouting at people who couldn't care less or trying to educate the average person about why this isn't just part of the fight on 'terrorism' but it's a direct assault on all of us. Obviously the entire cell phone network design will need an overhaul after these keys have been leaked, and hopefully the overhaul uses better techniques.

Comment Re:20 megawatts (Score 1) 195

When the mining difficulty was low generating an appreciated $4000 worth of bitcoin cost a trivial amount of electricity. However, transaction processing than mining. Bitfury is just trying to squeeze the last little bit of lottery bitcoins from the mining algorithm. Comparing environmental impact on generating $4k of bitcoins vs mining gold is ridiculous, they don't compare at all.

The power consumption by modern banks processing fiat currency transactions (mostly imaginary money) compared to bitcoin transaction processing is a better comparison, and even then Bitfury won't last much longer as the mining difficulty will result in diminishing returns. The overall transaction processing will become far leaner when the payout is purely on the transaction fees.

Comment Re:Finally! (Score 0) 474

" If you want to understand what removing legalization would result in, I recommend that you read "Diary of a Drug Fiend" by Aliestar Crowley."

You could also experiment with drugs yourself. Why read someone's opinion when you could just go and form your own.

Personally the injection route always made me a bit uneasy. It's probably the cleanest way to use these substances however, except for the poking a vein repeatedly part. All you need to do is form some sort of embolism by injecting regularly and you risk dying not even from the drug itself.

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