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Comment: Re:Games Done Quick (Score 1) 34

Every "charity" that I've looked into was actually a money-making enterprise disguised as a benevolent one. Some of them have exposed publically, like Easter Seals, Boy's Home, and the Clinton Foundation. In these organizations, a small proportion of the collected money actually goes to the advertised cause, but that's just for show.

To add to the list, a guy was staying at my house for a while who previously worked for Make A Wish Foundation. He talked like almost 100% of the money went to those who collect it. In fact, while he was at the house, he was collecting for the Fire Department's book on fire safety for children. In reality, there was no such book.

Thus, anytime I hear the word "charity", I think "rip-off".

If you want to give money, find the recipient yourself and give directly. If you must use a big organization to move your funds, make sure it's ran by someone you trust.

Regarding the charity the article is about, I don't know anything. But, to me, it smells funny.

Comment: Re:Leonard Nimoy is why we have nice things (Score 1) 411

by Nehmo (#49149363) Attached to: Leonard Nimoy Dies At 83

Seriously - Leonard Nimoy's Mr. Spock probably inspired more people to enter science, engineering, and intellectualism in general than any other figure in pop culture. He turned anti-intellectualism on its ear by making being a "nerd" not just cool, but even sexy.


Maybe, but Nimoy was not a scientist; it was Spock who was the scientist. Indeed, Nimoy himself exclaimed this by titling his biography I Am Not Spock 1975. {But later when Nimoy realized he misjudged public reaction, titled the next volume I Am Spock(1995).}

After Star Trek, Nimoy MCed In Search of..., a show no real scientist would support. In the show, scientific explanations for witchcraft, alien abductions, or whatever, were given only footnote attention.

In terms of promoting science, the writers of Star Trek deserve more credit than the actors.

Comment: What I learned from this... (Score 1) 405

by Nehmo (#48382641) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Unblock Email From My Comcast-Hosted Server?

Sex sells; we all know.

However, often you can't simply put it out front because that degrades your message. You need to slip it in. I clicked on the article in the hope of seeing a tit shot. I did, but it really wasn't that good. In any case, I read much of the article for no good reason. I now plan to use this audience-getting technique in my presentations in the future.

Comment: Re:Positive spin (Score 1) 170

by Nehmo (#48344265) Attached to: NSA Director Says Agency Shares Most, But Not All, Bugs It Finds

Pieces of various weapons have apparently been found...the answer isn't so black and white it seems..

You can argue that Saddam was a bad guy needing to be gone, and therefore the Bush admin was justified in generating a pretext to get the American public on board. But you can't seriously claim the pretext was valid. Even if your scant evidence is true, it's not enough. The Bush admin told us Saddam had a major operation going on.

Comment: Re:someohow I think (Score 1) 215

by Nehmo (#48280749) Attached to: "Police Detector" Monitors Emergency Radio Transmissions

I originally lost my license because I lost a civil suit and refused to pay (didn't have the ability either, but either way). I didn't get a traffic citation in that incident. In Kansas, you can lose your license for 10 years for failing to satisfy a civil judgement. That was 14 years ago. Since then, I've acquired a few driving-while-suspended convictions, each of which adds another year to the suspension.

I have a almost-perfect driving record (before and after the license suspension), and I spent much of my life driving overloaded suspension-enhanced small trucks in the axle business.

I don't understand the last part of your post. You need to read your own post when it's in preview. Nor do I understand what your point is.

Comment: Re:someohow I think (Score 1) 215

by Nehmo (#48246385) Attached to: "Police Detector" Monitors Emergency Radio Transmissions

"You rolled through that stop sign back there" and my head spun so fast, I am surprised I didn't have a chiropractor trying to hand me his card.

"When did they put THAT in!?!" "Oh last night"

You should have thrown up your hand and kept repeating in a shouting voice, "Ferguson, Ferguson, Ferguson, (and so on)."

Comment: Re:someohow I think (Score 1) 215

by Nehmo (#48246337) Attached to: "Police Detector" Monitors Emergency Radio Transmissions

... Personally, I do not drive that much over the limit anymore but rather go the 10 or so over that the vast majority are going...

Because I don't have a license, I always drive as though a cop were right behind me. I don't exceed the speed limit by even a mph.

Once, because I had shown my non-driving ID at a sheriff's station (which doubles as a jail where I was visiting an inmate, my wife) and then drove away, a cop car really did follow me for a few miles. I was aware of it and drove as usually, very carefully. He stopped me anyway, citing me for stopping at the wrong place for a stop sign (not true). He also complimented me, saying my driving "was good - maybe too good."

(I ended up paying a few hundred in fines and bond fees but later did 14 days in jail because I was delinquent on payments. I didn't lose the vehicle nor was my dog, who bit one of the jailers, sent to the pound.)

This happened in Chase county, Kansas, USA in '08. Two points:

  • ~ Traffic laws are enforced not to make the roads safe. The laws are just to make money for the local governments who are running kidnapping-for-ransom enterprises.
  • ~ Sometimes, it doesn't matter how well you drive.

Comment: Obama is a great MC (Score 1) 53

Despite criticism of Obama (actually the Obama administration; he plays golf) botching foreign affairs to the point of re-igniting the cold war and arming our enemies in Syria, you must say Obama does an excellent job of presenting awards and things like that. He's the best I've ever seen in that regard. Have Putin match that!

Comment: Re:How would this have protected the USS Cole? (Score 1) 142

by Nehmo (#48071289) Attached to: US Navy Develops Robot Boat Swarm To Overwhelm Enemies

So what was the crew of the Cole supposed to do? Blast every speedboat that came within 300 meters of their ship with a 20mm cannon? ...and before you say yes, consider the amount of shit that would hit the fan if some foreign warship blew a speedboat out of the water in New York harbor...

The rules of engagement for the Cole were clearly incorrect for the time and place. Bombed US warship was defended by sailors with unloaded guns It reminded me of the barracks bombing in Beirut.

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