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Comment Re:If only (Score 1) 50

Probably; it's pretty easy to pick out differences in intonation/cadence/etc. if you've ever heard two different breeds of dog try to howl at the same time. Of course, then there's 'husky bitching', which as far as I've seen is unique to that breed. At least, I have yet to encounter another breed of dog that will sit down and start grumble-barking a soliloquy for no apparent reason and for minutes on end...

This was the best husky howl I could find on youstube, and it's not that good.

Dogs really enjoy howling. I used to have a bunch of strays, and I lived near a fire station. When the truck would pass by with the sirens blaring, the dogs would all respond, and they loved it! I'm guessing there's an instinctive enjoyment in communication activity. Maybe it's something like human singing.

I played this one for the 2 mutts currently in my charge. They do seem like they are trying to figer out what is being said.

Comment Re:Still more than minimum wage. (Score 1) 84

Not really. flipping burgers has major advantages in terms of future consequences.

{Putting on the serious hat} True. The picture I like to create is that of a Cadillac dealership's customers. I ask, Of 100 new Cadillacs that roll off the lot, what proportion are driven by people who are career criminals (drug dealers, card hackers, etc.)? What proportion go to people who work legitimate jobs or own legitimate businesses?

Comment Re:Fools think this is horrible. (Score 1) 442

... there's a massive difference between private debts and public debts...

Please explain the difference. In many municipalities, the reaped-in money gets distributed, alright, but often to only a few individuals. Some judges even openly use the pronouns "I" and "me" when refering to who gets the money.

Comment Re: Wannabe soldiers (Score 1) 336

The other thing that people seem to miss regarding these YeeHawdis is that they are idiots. This is the problem with most conservatives. They're conservative because they're stupid.

Not only do they need some smart people, but they could use some cute girls too. At least Fox News understands public image.

Comment Long Distance Trucks - Possible (Score 1) 223

Even long-haul (over 1,000 km) trips by e-semis is feasable if you supply the vehicle with power while on the road. I'm refering to an inductive power supply system using a buried set of transmiter-coils in the road and a reciever coil on the vehicle. For a start, a piece of Interstate between two active points could be fitted with the power-transmission coils.

The trucks would be cheaper to run than their internal combustion countereparts.

However, the recent drop in gasoline price is goint to stall e-vehicle development for a while.

Comment ransomware is the answer (Score 1) 160

In the news stories I've seen, when people hack into politician's accounts, they don't do anything creative with them. They simply expose the fact that the account was compromised, and maybe the hacker's funny screenname gets credit. The result is the politician gets accused of being sloppy and unsafe.

Now, I see ransomware is the answer. Politicians wouldn't want their porn history exposed.

Comment Re:Flogging | tar & feathers (Score 0) 160

I've been using and working with computers since before you were born and have never had a single one get infected with a virus or malware of any kind.

It boggles the mind how anyone could have that happen unless they went out of their way to make it happen and/or they are a complete moron.


And since you must know that such a history is imposible, what's your point?

Comment Re:Basically no (Score 1) 532

.... as we creep slowly-- no rapidly descend towards fascism. Why don't they rename DHS to DACL-- Department of Anti-CIvil Liberty?

I really should make this a complete list somewhere and encourage contributions, but I've often said that whatever the government names something, then it really means just the opposite:

  • Dept. of corrections - criminalizes people
  • Division of Family Services - Takes kids away from their families
  • Dept. of Defense - Offense
  • Dept. of Justice - Oppression unjustly imposed
  • Dept. of Homeland Security - insecurity for many; nothing to do with the homeland
  • Dept. of Revenue - steals your revenue
  • Environmental Protection Agency - approves polluters and others who destroy the environment
  • Central Intelligence Agency - bunch of stupid government workers
  • Animal Control - Kills dogs
  • Democratic People's Republic - Totalitarianism
  • -- I'm just thinking these up as I go. I'm sure the full list is extensive. Just think of any division or part of the government, look at the name, and think of what it really does.

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