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Comment Re:Best way to lose soul is to drive out source (Score 1) 368

The soul comes from many things, small shops being one of them. Another thing is a vibrant arts scene,

Who require supplies and are there because of the cool coffee shop around the corner....

something which is helped massively by increases in minimum wage.

Arts scene in Seattle is a ghost town in two years.

Comment It's the regulations that are a sham (Score 1) 356

If you look at air pollution statistics from any first-world country, you'll find they have been getting significantly better over the last decade.

The ONLY way forward from this "cheating" mess it to raise the standards to allow what cars are already emitting - because we know for a FACT that pollution has gone down with those levels of emissions actually allowed.

Comment For general use? Hell no. (Score 4, Insightful) 76

The summary is horrific because it paints the pulling of these apps as negative when in fact it's one of the better demonstrations as to why non-technical people need a curated app store.

Be honest, your mom or other family member is is not as technically knowledgeable tells you they installed an app that routes all mobile traffic through some VPN the developer runs (never mind how they knew enough to explain that to you!).

Would you SERIOUSLY let that stay installed, or would you run to un-install it?

This is nothing more than a giant security breach. If you really are STUPID enough to want to run all your traffic through some strangers VPN, you can do so easily with existing mobile VPN support on any platform. They can scrub ad blockers and run MITM attacks on your bank or what have you, but at least it would have required more effort on your part to get yourself into trouble.

Comment Re: ZFS is nice... (Score 1) 269

But it's combined by the user at runtime, not by canocal. The GPL allows an end users to do this.

This is a way that people kid themselves about the GPL. If the user were really porting ZFS on their own, combining the work and never distributing it, that would work. But the user isn't combining it. The Ubuntu developer is creating instructions which explicitly load the driver into the kernel. These instructions are either a link script that references the kernel, or a pre-linked dynamic module. Creating those instructions and distributing them to the user is tantamount to performing the act on the user's system, under your control rather than the user's.

To show this with an analogy, suppose you placed a bomb in the user's system which would go off when they loaded the ZFS module. But Judge, you might say, I am innocent because the victim is actually the person who set off the bomb. All I did was distribute a harmless unexploded bomb.

So, it's clear that you can perform actions that have effects later in time and at a different place that are your action rather than the user's. That is what building a dynamic module or linking scripts does.

There is also the problem that the pieces, Linux and ZFS, are probably distributed together. There is specific language in the GPL to catch that.

A lot of people don't realize what they get charged with when they violate the GPL (or any license). They don't get charged with violating the license terms. They are charged with copyright infringement, and their defense is that they have a license. So, the defense has to prove that they were in conformance with every license term.

This is another situation where I would have a pretty easy time making the programmer look bad when they are deposed.

Comment Best way to lose soul is to drive out source (Score 1) 368

Where does Seattle think the "soul" of a city comes from?

It comes somewhat from architecture, though that is just shape.

The main area where the soul of a place is from, lies in the businesses that are located there - and I'm specifically talking about the smaller local shops that provide maximum "flavor" to an area.

Those are EXACTLY the places driven to close by a minimum wage hike. They can no longer afford to pay workers, many of whom might have been teens - why should TEENS get $20/hour? They don't need to live on what they earn, they just need to earn a bit of money.

Seattle by passing the minimum wage hike has ensured they will become a soulless husk much faster than SF ever did (though one could argue the soul of SF is now embodied in urine, which will persist).

Many small quaint businesses in Seattle will close, replaced by Starbucks (the one place where I guess that is fine).

Comment Re:History says otherwise (Score 1) 415

The explanation for those "massive fields of dead turbines" is that they do not exist, and everything you posted above is a work of fiction.

Driving around southern California or the south tip of Hawaii shows they are vey real, despite your attempt at the worlds least believable RetCon.

I know about them because I have seen them myself, have driven right past them.

I assure you there is NO way these fields are in fact functional. They are big hulking husks. I was there with wind, where some still turn haphazardly but most have seized up - as they will without constant maintenance.

Did you forget to log out and post as AC?

I am here to bring reality to people, whatever that may actually be, however unpopular that may be. I know people like yourself seek to destroy others who engage in speaking against your foundation of faith, but I don't care.

Real data show the installed wind capacity, and actual annual wind production growing rapidly, year after year.

They probably showed the same thing back when theater wind farms were put in. As the old saying goes,, current performance is not a promise of future success... remember my post was about the future, and what the past has shown us about the real future, You (or someone other naive acolyte) said that Windmills have essentially very little cost to operate long term - which would mean older fields would still be in operation. Since they are not, the promise that they always will be is a lie. I look forward myself in 20 years to photographing the new sites of rusty hulks we are planting today...

(This is the only occasion when right-whiners show much concern for the environment - those 300,000 or so annual wind turbine bird kills,

I care for, and have done more for, the environment than you ever will. I am an avid hiker and photographer who appreciates and cares for nature far more than you ever will. I have seen these rotting wind farms because I enjoy nature all around the globe and travel back ways to enjoy it....

You should never pre-suppose you know where someone s coming from, because you will mostly be wrong and you will always look like an idiot for assuming.

Comment Re:ZFS is nice... (Score 1) 269

Uh, that doesn't work. The problem is that doing exactly what you've written down is contriving to avoid your copyright responsibility by deliberately creating a structure in someone else's work which you believe would be a copyright insulator. If you went ahead and did this (I'm not saying that you personally would be the one at Ubuntu to do so), I'd love to be there when you are deposed. Part of my business is to feed attorneys questions when they cross-examine you. I have in a similar situation made a programmer look really bad, and the parties settled as soon as they saw the deposition and my expert report. See also my comment regarding how Oracle v. Google has changed this issue. You can't count on an API to be a copyright insulator in any context any longer.

Comment Re:ZFS is nice... (Score 1) 269

I think you need to look at this in the context of the appeal of Oracle v. Google. We had a concept of an API being a boundary of copyright based on 17 CFR 102(b) and elucidated by Judge Walker's finding in CAI v. Altai. That stood for a long time. But Oracle v. Google essentially overturned it and we're still waiting to see what the lower court does in response.

Comment History says otherwise (Score 1) 415

Wind and solar have minuscule costs over the long term (just maintenance on the machines and lines).

Please then explain the massive fields of dead turbines in California and the southern tip of Hawaii.

Long term history teaches us that wind power plants shut down after just a decade or two. Why is that? If the long term cost is minuscule why would they have been decommissioned?

Of course there's tremendous cost to birds also but fuck wildlife, right?

Comment CDDL and GPL don't mix (Score 3, Informative) 269

Regardless of what Ubuntu has convinced themselves of, in this context the ZFS filesystem driver would be an unlicensed derivative work. If they don't want it to be so, it needs to be in user-mode instead of loaded into the kernel address space and using unexported APIs of the kernel.

A lot of people try to deceive themselves (and you) that they can do silly things, like putting an API between software under two licenses, and that such an API becomes a "computer condom" that protects you from the GPL. This rationale was never true and was overturned by the court in the appeal of Oracle v. Google.

"One Architecture, One OS" also translates as "One Egg, One Basket".