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+ - Amazon WorkSpaces just made the Kindle a true work device->

Submitted by mattydread23
mattydread23 (2793761) writes "Amazon is getting into the desktop virtualization space. This is ponentially huge news for providers like Citrix, but as writer Nancy Gohring points out, the company is starting small. Very small: "The administrator console only allows managers to provision five WorkSpaces at a time. It’s possible that will change when the service becomes generally available. For now, Amazon is accepting sign ups for a limited preview of the service. ""
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+ - Android app-makers careless with some data: study->

Submitted by swandives
swandives (1622031) writes "Researchers from Pennsylvania State University and North Carolina State University have concluded a lot of the software written for Google's Android mobile phones falls short when it comes to user privacy and security. The findings come from a study into the top 1100 free applications available in the Android Market. It should be noted that the researchers didn't find anything malicious, but a surprising number of the programs used unique identifiers such as the phone's IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number — sometimes without obtaining permission to do so from the user. One concern is that these unique identifiers could be linked to Android users in databases, essentially providing a stealthy way to track what mobile phone users are doing online, similar to the tracking cookies stored by Web browsers. Unlike a tracking cookie, a mobile phone's IMEI cannot be deleted."
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+ - Eve Online Space Heist - One Trillion ISK-> 1

Submitted by Calidreth
Calidreth (2431492) writes "EVE Online is famous for its stories of theft, underhanded dealings, criminal empires and general unscrupulous play. For EVE players this is generally an accepted part of the game and part of the risk players run. The type of scheme might be old, but the profits were big in the latest EVE Online scam that has broken records and is now being called the biggest scam in the game's history."
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+ - Canadian judge rules domain names are property->

Submitted by
farrellj writes "A recent decision in the Ontario Appeals court has ruled in favour of Tucows, saying that domain names are considered property, rather than being a license. This has major ramifications for a people both inside and outside Canada, doubly so since Tucows is a major domain registrar. This ruling comes from a very high court, which means that any appeal must go to the Supreme Court of Canada. So there is a good chance this ruling will stand."
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+ - NAND Flash Can Verify a Device's Identity->

Submitted by
itwbennett writes "Researchers at UC San Diego and Cornell University have developed software that they say can detect variations in flash behavior that are unique to each chip. The system uses 'physically unclonable functions' (PUFs), or variations in manufacturing that are unique to each element of each flash chip. Swanson described one PUF that his team has worked with, called Program Disturb. It uses a type of manufacturing flaw that doesn't affect normal operation but causes problems under test conditions."
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+ - See the PyPy JIT in action->

Submitted by derGoldstein
derGoldstein (1494129) writes "Project PyPy is an alternative implementation of Python, with the main advantage being a Just In Time (JIT) compiler which speeds up your code considerably. They've announced the first public release of jitviewer, which is a visualization tool that helps you understand how your code is being compiled by PyPy's JIT, all the way down to assembly. If you just want to see how it looks and play with it, they've setup an online demo — just select a file, and click "Show Assembler"."
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+ - When Patents Attack->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "NPR's This American Life has an excellent story on the evolution of the patent troll. It looks like even the guy who coined the phrase "patent troll" took the "if you can't beat 'em join 'em route" and is now gleefully and very profitably plying victims. It is especially hard to understand why people who are already wealthy choose to engage in this sleazy money-grubbing, technology-killing extortion. I guess there is no limit on greed, ethical or otherwise."
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