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+ - Google adds rainbow for gay pride->

Submitted by NBolander
NBolander writes: Google has decided to join in on the pride celebration by adding a rainbow effect after the search field, but only if you search on certain keywords like lesbian, gay or homosexuality.
While creative, some have taken this move away from the classic doodle as a sign that they're afraid from fire from the anti-gay movement.

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+ - The demotion of Dilbert continues, no comic relief-> 2

Submitted by
Dexterous writes: "There appears to be a growing epidemic of cranky creative types taking to the Internet to defend themselves from amateur critics.

Some are shameless in their self-promotion; others operate under the veil of anonymity.

Until they get busted, that is. This is what happened to Dilbert creator Scott Adams last week, in a public humiliation storyline that would suit a certain workplace drone comic strip character of his own creation. Adams was revealed to have been using an online pseudonym to bash message board users who did not have nice things to say about him."

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Comment: Re:Unexpected benefits (Score 1) 343

by NBolander (#35608850) Attached to: Google Won't Pull Checkpoint Evasion App
We've had this as a policy in Sweden for quite some time now. The Swedish police posts all traffic surveillance on their home page in the hope that people will act more responsibly if they know they have an increased risk of getting cought. Don't know how well it works but on Wikipedias list of road fatalities per 100k inhabitants/ year we're on second place globally.


Comment: Re:Home Survivelance (Score 1) 106

by NBolander (#34388136) Attached to: Combining Two Kinects To Make Better 3D Video
No need to export the video feed to them as I just want the 3d video stream for myself and perhaps a few selected friends.
Would be cool to insert avatars from several people there though. A 3d video version of the old MOO concept, or a local second life with a live video background to use a more modern analogy.
Bandwidth will be an issue however.

+ - Motorola Droid X Bugs worse than Antennagate-> 1

Submitted by i4u
i4u writes: When the serious iPhone 4 antenna design flaw hit the blogosphere, there was a media explosion and Apple hate campaign almost like we've never seen before. Yet, one of the most high-profile Android phones to date has much more significant, extremely crippling glitches that still haven't been fixed, and no one is really calling for action.
When the Droid X got its update to Android 2.2, almost immediately users began reporting issues of phones crashing, screen display bugs, and apps becoming completely unusable. In addition, it became impossible to download any new apps because the Android Market completely vanished.

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