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Comment Re:Blindfold Anyone? (Score 1) 155

Take photosensitive paper off of wall.
Place into light-proof envelope.
Open small hatch in wall, which leads to drop box.
Place envelope into drop box.
Close hatch.
Alert the people outside the experimental room that they can now open their hatch, and retrieve the envelope.
They then take the envelope to a photographic darkroom and proceed as normal.

Comment Re:Programmed behaviour is programmed behaviour. (Score 1) 437

"Yield to them" is not the same as 'wait for one human driver to go, then follow the standard rules.'

The problem is, humans don't follow the rules. I personally find that, at a four way stop, a certain amount of aggression is required, or other humans will quite happily go out of turn.

Comment Re:I've had this as a plug-in. (Score 1) 190

...except that google gets to decide which adverts are played and which aren't.

I'm betting Google's own dancing monkeys will be as annoying as ever.

That's my worry - remember, Google already implemented a workaround for their own Flash ads, auto-converting them into a form which conveniently happens to be immune to this filter. Get back to me when they've bundled an ad-blocker. What they have here is basically a rival ad blocker - which really isn't something any of us should cheer, even if it does happen to knock out some irritating ads for the time being. (Equally, of course, the new ad-blocking facility for Mobile Safari in iOS 9 which just happens to push more ad-funded sites into adopting iOS apps as a format because Apple iAds just happen to bypass that filtering is a little concerning too.) "Big company kneecaps competition." Just like when Microsoft "helpfully" gave away IE for free in order to kill off Netscape and grab a stranglehold of the web browser market, this may not be anything to applaud long-term.

Comment Re:Sorry to say so, but... (Score 1) 344

This is correct. 95 had several networking technologies built in; TCP/IP, Banyan Vines, Netware, interchangeably, simultaneously, and 'just working.'

It was a big deal, at the time, to be able to go start->control panel->networking and just pick and choose.

The Plus Pack was, as I recall, animated cursors and Internet Explorer.

Comment Re:I work in online advertising (Score 1) 259

90% of ad networks vet their ads to run clean

Are you saying that if I send them an .swf file, they'll say, "no, send us the source, and we'll audit it and then compile it ourselves?"

Because if they don't do that, then they're not vetting jack shit.

(Putting aside the fact that Flash ads have mercifully fallen out of fashion in the last few years.)

Comment Re:I don't see the problem (Score 2) 99

Apparently one of the justifications for spending space on such a ridiculously specialized task, is that in the rare event that it's being used, some of the other stuff (e.g. the general-purpose parts) might have a brief opportunity to cool off a bit. Your bigger cache wouldn't have that advantage, because you'd be using it so often.

Some say often-dark silicon will be a growing trend.

Comment But what IS the liability? (Score 1) 706

Let's say your law is enacted.

Your wife sees your email address in the dump, and throws a glass of wine at you. $40 shirt: totally ruined. Oh, and she won't have sex with you anymore, ever. And Johnson in Accounting (who keeps his johnson in his pants, whereas you're obviously a total poon-hound) got that $10k/yr promotion instead of you (and the boss admits that you-being-in-the-dump was a factor in his decision). How much does the CEO of AM owe you?

I basically agree with your idea of holding them responsible, but if I'm on the jury, my damages award (so far; feel free to continue the story) is $0.

Comment Re: Vietnam (Score 2) 282

Well, that's the difference between winning the war and winning the peace.

The choice after the Civil War was either Reconstruction, on VERY generous terms, or risk insurgency and partisan actions for generations.

See also the end of WW1 versus the end of WW2.

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