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by N1EY (#47870269) Attached to: To Really Cut Emissions, We Need Electric Buses, Not Just Electric Cars
The MBTA bought new ones. I actually think that none of them are used in Boston on old lines. The usage in Boston is actually on a new line which was built in the 21st century. The predominant usage of the trolley buses has been by the trolleybus lines emerging from Harvard Station.

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I had provided tutoring to non-accounting majors. I discovered that the number of students failing Accounting 101 was high. Throughout the country the class has one of the highest failure rates. I do believe that business school should be pared backwards to consider only things such as accounting. Legal education should be consolidated within the business school. I realistically only see two years worth of material in Law school, which could be incorporated within a Bachelor's degree. Accounting and Legal work do require maturity, experience, and compassion. This is something that is missing from most graduates upon completion of the Bachelor's level. However, the accounting world has a built-in mentoring and progression scheme. The legal world should more closely resemble it. I also look to high schools to change the math curriculum. The Calculus modules should be redesigned with an orientation to a lower grade base. I have been reading articles about teaching more advanced math subjects to elementary students. It is possible. The focus on Geometry for the middle tier is a waste. My old high school tracked the middle tier through 4 years of wasted effort, which culminated in Geometry. Geometry was just memorization, which most of them did not utilize. The people can't even calculate which degree stem they need for changing their handlebar position of their bicycles; important things in every day life are beyond most. Furthermore in the high schools they should promote bookkeeping classes with a consideration of financial acumen in the background. This would help to produce more well-rounded people. They would have a better idea on how to make decisions. Many individuals are commenting on here about the lack of value consideration within decision making by young people.

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Ham radio is full of no code technicians that wear orange hats. They claim to be experts. Yet, they spend much of their time as handheld radio programmers. Massachusetts has said effectively, "NO MORE!" Ham radio runs the Boston Marathon net. This is the last thing in Mass. RACES has been terminated. Official co-operation with the Government has been effectively concluded. Only private organizations are making any compacts with the ARRL ARES organization. -------------- From one of the last extras to pass code.

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The LLC is not a panema. Withholding requirements for active employee/owners of LLCs are in question by a number of professionals. He probably realized that it would cost a lot in tax to transition to a LLC and he would had to remit payroll tax on the entire amount of income declared as his profit. Who told you that an LLC is good for tax minimization? An LLC is good for holding an asset separate from your main business. This is to help minimize liability from spreading through the rest of the b

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::In the UK you have the wonderful example of students rioting in the streets, destroying public and private ::property over increases in tuition :And we managed it without anybody getting shot. Compare and contrast []. You imply that social misfits with a tendency to violence are ACCEPTABLE? I disagree.

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So an olympic sport should be banned? They use semiautomatic handguns for rapid fire in the Olympics. The Walther GSP was designed by a Swedish fellow. It is named after Gothenburg. Semi-automatic shotguns are useful. Semi-automatic reduces recoil and allows for better followup. They are great for ducking hunting or upland game bird hunting. Semi-automatic is not the exclusive domain of the MAC-10 or the Uzi. Those are generally useless for most people accept bodyguards. It is not fair to base your line of thinking on those as being the solely available semi-automatics.

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However, they are VERY VERY similar in real-world economic terms. Financial accounting for such transactions tends to consolidate all activity of the majority-owned subsidiary. Payments to other shareholders are almost considered equivalent to an expense. No other shareholder can effect any CHANGE. Depending on the BOD rules the other shareholders might not even be able to have their own director. 51% means total control.

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I hope some of you guys realize that paper AGES. Paper is actually less resistant to alteration in the intermediate term. Really slick guys who thought that the actually paper did not matter found out the hard way. I guess that in Texas companies always liked to make fake invoices. A photocopy of a fake invoice or PDF of a fake invoice is less likely to give it away. It was predominant in fraud out there. I have several DB programs. We have a custom DB program which uses SQL, which has been forced upon us as well. Excel actually has more functionality and the users are not behind the 8 ball. The DB program is totally useless and is actually limited to 25 columns in its special file format. It has 26 columns, but requires the 26th for idiot retention. Who ever programed this debacle, if you are out here. Let me know. The idea that there is no "data mining" is irrelevant. The accountant is the data miner. I know that many programmers do not even understand some of the accounting issues that happen when it is explained to them. I think that perhaps the top 5% of the programmers could make a switch to be accountants of below average quality.

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