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Comment: All's I know... (Score 2) 519

by MouseTheLuckyDog (#48171567) Attached to: Debian Talks About Systemd Once Again

The #2 developer of systemd has been banned from contributing to the kernel.
The #1 developer of systemd was the main developer of PulseAudio-- does generate much confidence.
He has also just given the finger to the OSS community--makes me wonder why he doesn't do Macs or Windows.
It is being given control over critical services such as TTY and networking.
It is hard for the average techie to audit it, given it's nature. Little access to a lot of tools: valgrind, strace, ftrace.

This does not make me feel very good about systemd.

Comment: Re:The biggest problem with "paperless" offices (Score 1) 175

by MouseTheLuckyDog (#48149855) Attached to: Apple Releases CUPS 2.0

I will admit there are two things still missing.
A decent document format, that allows annotations. PDF comes close but doesn't quite cut it.
Ubiquity with digitizers in tablets.

I have a tex file that I can generate a pdf notebook of n blank pages, where I choose n.
Things like forms, well even a secretary can modify an existing form.

Job instructions can be kept in text files that can be pushed to tablets. Guaranteeing that every person has updated instructions.

Comment: Re:at some point it isnt linux anymore. (Score 2) 771

by MouseTheLuckyDog (#48094563) Attached to: Systemd Adding Its Own Console To Linux Systems

Systemd has been in production a fairly long time now, and I see no issues at all brought up about it in actual practice. RHEL's mailing list has nary a mention of it. It just works and works well.

Right, because the Kay Sievers wasn't banned from contributing to the kernel because systemD prevented the kernel from loading in debug mode.

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