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Comment I will be very disappointed if... (Score 1) 799

the schools and people in the US offering him aid, scholarships are still offering.

Let us not forget his sister was somehow involved in a similar bomb threat situation. That the reason he was even suspected was because the clock went off somehow.

i can't say that he planned the suit from the beginning, but it was probably a possibility.

I just hope the lawyers demand that the family put up a bond against judgement of a frivolous lawsuit, given that they no longer live in the US.

Also, IO bet this thing does not survive his deposition.

Comment Why do you want us to return to the dark ages? (Score 1) 129

When I google a problem, I often encounter the crapexchange sites in the first few hits. OF these maybe on a good hit there is a 40% chance of getting a good answer. 30% of the time I get a wrong answer, about half are those are so oviously wrong the person must be under the influence of some pretty strong hallucinogens. 30% are shutdown because some Nazirator is pissed that he can't answer the question in 5 minutes. If he can't get the karma no one can!

Imagine the following scenario, a person posts a question to a DIY forum. A person responds by suggesting that the person stick a screwdriver into an electric socket. Another person calls the first person a moron.. It's the second person who gets punished. The person who suggests the screwdriver gets increased karma.

I'm not a big fan of nastiness on the net, but you know what? if someone says something really stupid, they should get called on it!

One of the better descriptions of the problems of the whole class http://michael.richter.name/bl..."> is here.
So why did you create a sert of sites that seem to discourage experts ( except in a few rare exceptions ) and encourage mediocracy?

it seems to me that the whole thing is a scam to promote the clueless

Comment Re:Scientists (Score 1) 203

The only thing that critics have managed to say about emdrive theory over 10 years is " muh momentum "

And the only thing historians can say about the Abraham Lincoln died from a gunshot wound theory over 100 years is "muh big hole in the head". What's your point?

...physicists tend to scoff that engineers don't known relativistic theory like physicists do. Now an aerospace engineer has invented a device that extracts the 4momentum of light, converting it to 3momentum, ...

Maybe it's because engineers keep saying stupid things like: extracts the 4momentum of light, converting it to 3momentum,
Good Lord, that is even worse then quantum vacuum virtual plasma .

Comment The bad writing habit I see the most is... (Score 1) 160

of this type. "When studying foo, objects with property A must fall into class B {reference]."

You then say to yourself "Gee I have a hard time believing that." You then go read the referenced paper, and low and behold. It describes one or more of: foo theory, property A or class B. What it does not do is prove the claim in the sentence.

Comment Re:Non-issue (Score 1) 169

Occasionally I grab a you tube video on my tablet, but usually when I watch something, it is off a smb directory on my laptop.

The point is that you don't need an ionternet connection you need a wifi connection and a way of getting stuff on your computer.

"Necessity is the mother of invention" is a silly proverb. "Necessity is the mother of futile dodges" is much nearer the truth. -- Alfred North Whitehead