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Submission + - Kid kicked out of school for having bad DNA.

MouseTheLuckyDog writes: Colman Chadam turns out to be one unlucky kid. He turns out to be born with a congenital heart disease, During treatment he was tested genetically and found to have several marker genes for cystic fibrosis. However, he did not have the disease itself.

Eventually his school found out and kicked him out. Kids with cystic fibrosis are not supposed to be near each other due to the increased risk of spreading contagious diseases.

In some sense this story is old, because the school let him back in. The parents sued and their case was dismissed. Now the case is working it's way through the federal court system and could become a major case for determining how genetic information can be used.

Comment Energy isn't free, (Score 1) 179

It has to come from somewhere. So where does the energy comes from? The wind. So the wind is now 9 mph instead of 10. No biggie, but the wind where these things are not is still ten, creating vortices from the wind shear. Also shear between the artmosphere. the ocean will affect the currents, causinfg changes in the ocean ecology.

On a small scale windmils may work fine, but once you stqart ramping up to the point of provding electricity for a small town, then you are going to have a major effect on the weather

Comment Re: Already here - it feels unfair to some (Score 1) 412

Dudes who are there to take and kill your stuff are generally lazy. They Don't bother with the care and feeding of their guns.

As an example, look at VonDerrit Meyers. Shot and killed by a cop despite the fact that he fired first. Why? Because his gun jammed after the third shot, because he was too lazy to make sure it was in good working order.

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