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Comment: Re:Summary is hopelessly wrong... (Score 2, Insightful) 492

by MutantEnemy (#27464453) Attached to: North Korea Launches "Communication Satellite" Rocket

Obviously [nuclear disarmament] is never going to work

Damn it.

Every year that nuclear weapons exist there is a certain chance that someone uses them and triggers the apocalypse. I don't know what that chance is. But even if it's very low, given enough time it is certain to happen! Bear in mind that nuclear war has almost started on several occasions, including by accident. We cannot survive this situation forever.

Comment: Re:This sounds silly to me (Score 5, Interesting) 610

by MutantEnemy (#27267169) Attached to: If We Have Free Will, Then So Do Electrons
It looks to me like it's intended as a reductio ad absurdum of the concept of free will: i.e. assume free will exists, then show that ridiculous things follow. To me, it's obvious that free will doesn't exist. Our brains are made of the same stuff as the rest of the universe, obeying the same laws. These laws may be indeterministic, but since we have no control over quantum randomness, that randomness doesn't help us in any way.

Comment: Re:Yeah, yeah, heard it all before (Score 1) 570

by MutantEnemy (#26750811) Attached to: Washington State Wants DNA From All Arrestees

Women are valuable because they are less replaceable [...] you need women to carry the babies.

Ridiculous. The human race currently has over 6 billion members. It's not some endangered species where females of breeding age are to be preserved above everything else. If a man and a women of equal age have to choose between them who gets rescued, they should flip a coin.

Comment: Solved? (Score 3, Insightful) 774

by MutantEnemy (#26697733) Attached to: New Paper Offers Additional Reasoning for Fermi's Paradox

"Paradox solved, right?"

No. Some planets suitable for life have almost certainly existed in this galaxy for billions of years longer than the Earth. By now, one would expect there to have been civilisations that spread throughout the galaxy and therefore brought Earth within detection range of their signals...

The Internet

+ - Former Wikimedia COO "was convicted felon"

Submitted by MutantEnemy
MutantEnemy (545783) writes "After banging on at Wikipedia for pretty frivolous reasons, The Register finally has something serious to say: they allege that the former Chief Operating Officer of the Wikimedia Foundation was a convicted felon. Jimbo Wales, "spiritual leader" of the project, has discussed this matter on the Foundation mailing list, denied that anyone in the Foundation knew about this until The Register broke its story, and promised to personally pay for any losses in the (as he sees it, unlikely) event that said COO stole anything."

+ - Absolute Poker compromised, blames programmer->

Submitted by
Adam Selene
Adam Selene writes "It was nearly two in the morning on September 13th. After almost 5 hours of grueling play, two players are head-up on the final table of a $1000 buy-in NL tournament. CRAZYMARCO posts a $4500 big blind, a small token of his $214,260 in chips. He is dealt 9h 2h. Little does he know this hand will the last of the tournament, and the start of the biggest scandal in online poker history. Yesterday Absolute Poker finally admitted after weeks of denials what the evidence had conclusively proven. CRAZYMARCO's opponent, POTRIPPER, was able to see all the players' hole cards! Only after further evidence implicated former Vice President of Operations AJ Green and owner/executive Scott Tom, did Absolute Poker finally make a carefully worded admission of guilt, blaming all responsibility on a single rogue programmer! The online poker community is in an uproar, and the last word of this story has yet to be written."
Link to Original Source

+ - The thing that cannot be Googled

Submitted by tetsuo29
tetsuo29 (612440) writes "So, I'm dissecting a Perl script that a co-worker wrote and not being very familiar with Perl, I have no idea yet what the line "$| = 1;" means. In trying to google for it, I've discovered that "$|" cannot be searched for by Google. Try it. It doesn't even return the standard page that says:

Your search — "[search terms]" — did not match any documents


        * Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
        * Try different keywords.
        * Try more general keywords.

The results page is the equivalent of Google nothingness. Now, I think that "$|" is somehow related to CGI.pm and therefore probably CGI in general, but still shouldn't the brilliant coders at Google be able to code for this and index this as a search term so that clueless dolts like me can google for it to find out what it means?

So, I ask you Slashdotters:

    * What does '$| = 1;' mean in Perl?
    * Is there a way to google for that term?
    * Has anyone else found any text that Google will return 'Google nothingness' as I've described it?"

+ - Google Exploit Allows Account HiJacking

Submitted by
Rub3X writes "To execute the attack, the victim needs to be logged in to a Google service, and visit a specially crafted page. The page in question is on a Google sub domain, so it does look legitimate. A proof of concept page was set up to verify the claims, and successfully tested on a user of the Google services in question. With this attack you can: Get in to Google Docs and Spreadsheets application and read and modify documents saved there, Read subjects from GMail, including part of the first sentence, Access the personalized homepage, View Google Accounts page, Enter Google Reader, Read your private Google Notebook, View my complete Google search history if search history feature is enabled."

The universe seems neither benign nor hostile, merely indifferent. -- Sagan