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Comment Re:Who makes these decisions? (Score 1) 628 628

This. IMO, there's little repercussion for bugs. And, the problem has accelerated due to fast development methodologies. Code reviews are supposed to catch issues. But, it's proven that they don't.

I work primarily in LInux. I've had my share of escalations in both Apache and OpenSSL. I'd say it suffers from the same problems; just in a different way...

Comment Re:Penn State did this back in 1983 (Score 1) 89 89

Not sure about keeping the same cost using this experience. I'm hoping (maybe naively) that these courses would be provided externally free for auditing and then, fees charged for credit. And those fees wouldn't be the same as in-class.

I rather enjoyed the "Google University" python intro classes I did a few weeks back. They're rather old (4 years IIRC). But, the instructor did a great job and the examples were well thought out and executed.

If you put these into a Kahn Academy model and then charged for university credit, it could be something interesting.

Comment Re:"low end" (Score 1) 344 344

Maybe I am cheap... Not jealous though. I really liked my S3 and didn't see a need to upgrade to S4. I passed my S3 to my son and he's using it now. The S6 is compelling. But I know, from experience, that I will need to replace the battery around 2 years. Verizon says they can replace the S6 battery in about a day for ~$45. That's a deal breaker. Do I really want to be down for even a day? The S5 is "slim enough". It allows the ability for the battery to be replaced. That's value in my book.

Comment Re:"low end" (Score 3, Interesting) 344 344

actually, no, I'm not. Resorting to insults doesn't really prove your point. I do, indeed, know how to charge a LiOn battery.

Here's the steps outlined by iFixit:
"... eject the SIM tray, heat up the battery door, draw off the battery door with a suction cup, then separate the door with a case-opening tool, then undo 13 screws, heat up the LCD assembly, pry open the charging chip flex ribbons, pull off the front-facing camera connector, battery connector, ear speaker connector, remove the entire motherboard, then pry off the battery with a spudger tool."

That doesn't sound like "pop out the battery and drop in the replacement" to me. The S3 and the S5 -- which I have personally replace the battery on -- are truly replaceable. Indeed, I owned the S3 for 3 years and replaced the battery once. I don't consider that LiOn abuse, frankly.

Comment Re:"low end" (Score 2) 344 344


Waited for the Samsung Galaxy S6 to arrive before I upgraded my S3. Seriously disappointed about that the non-replaceable battery. Also, without expandable memory, this made me pick the S5 rather than the better S6.

I'm willing to purchase a decent Android phone. I'm not willing to forgo a replaceable battery. That's a deal-breaker.

I really like the S5 so far. Will the S5 be my last Samsung phone? I guess we'll see when then S7 arrives...

Comment Rate of use (Score 0, Troll) 328 328

IMO, there's not enough samples to produce this study. The rate of use of marijuana while driving is still statistically -- and radically -- low. As use becomes normalized (in other words, accepted), you'll see abuse while driving to increase as well.

But, let's say what this is really trying to do: push the Legalization activist agenda. Sorry, pot is as much a drug as meth. So is alcohol. It's disappointing to see my tax money going to support the use of either.

Comment Re:meanwhile... (Score 1) 755 755

FYI... I'm running systemd in a busybox environment currently. Have been for the last 3 years now.

Not seeing what the big fuss is. The dependency model that systemd enforces helps with speeding startup of embedded systems. I like it more than the hacked init.d scripts we had been using. We're not using near 50% what systemd can do. But, I see measurable value by going that direction.

But, then again, I happen to like gnome compared to my other options out there. So, I guess I fit in the demographic you're railing about.

As developers, we're looking for something that "just works". All of those hand-crafted scripts used by init.d doesn't address this.

Comment Re:On loan??? (Score 1) 118 118

Any citations by him?

I would expect a contemporary of Neil Armstrong -- or Buzz Aldrin -- would be a better source than someone that could be their son. He would have been 10 years old at the time of the EVA. Not sure I'd trust my 10 yr old to remember ANYTHING 40 years later.

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