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Comment Re:Why do we still trust the manufacturer? (Score 2) 168

I think you're on the right track. There's a methodology underway that has enough momentum that it's got it's own buzzword: SDN -- Software Defined Networking

it uses the very architecture you're suggesting: essentially a bunch of PCI cards working to form a network switching matrix.OpenFlow is a standardized communications interface for controlling systems like SDN. Interesting reading.

Comment Re:Content ID's "monetize" setting (Score 1) 127

Didn't work for me. One of my raspberry pi parrot videos used a snippet from Elvis' Blue Christmas. Sony sent a takedown notice to Google and took it down. Two appeals resulted in a strike on my account due to "Copyright Infringement".

So much for "fair use". In light of this case, I wonder if I should put the video back up?

Submission + - YouTube 'Dancing Baby' Copyright Ruling Sets Fair Use Guideline (

Mr. Droopy Drawers writes: The famous "Dancing Baby" case has finally been ruled on. It "sends a strong message that copyright law does not authorize thoughtless censorship of lawful speech,” Corynne McSherry, the legal director for Electronic Frontier Foundation, said in a statement.

Of course, the RIAA is none too happy about the ruling saying that it puts undue burden on copyright holders. However, the judge countered, "Even paying 'lip service' to the consideration of fair use is not enough, and could expose a copyright holder to liability".

Comment Re:Both devices value form over function (Score 1) 77

This is EXACTLY the reason why I bought the S5, replacing my S3. I went into the Verizon store to plunk down the $575 (IIRC) for the S6 -- the S6 Edge looks like a gimmick. But:
1) No SDCard
2) No Replaceable battery
3) Not waterproof!!!!!!

I see that the quiet release of the S6 Active on AT&T fixes #3, if I want to be on AT&T. But, the first two are deal breakers in my book. I replaced the battery on my S3 and my son is happily using it today. Without the SDCard, one is forced to pay an extra $150 for 32GB of storage. If I wanted an iphone, I would have bought one.

I really like the S5. When it comes time to upgrade it in a year or so, I hope they've changed course and I can replace it with another Galaxy.

Comment So, What system are they actually blaming? (Score 1) 108

I've been following this -- I thought -- pretty closely. There's a smoking gun. To answer the recall, they've got to actually do something. What's the "fix"? Yank out the radio? Does that fix it?

Seems to me that a lot of this stuff is going to get worse before it gets better due to "smart" features such as collision avoidance, remote start, an the like. There will likely be a management device with privileged access to the CAN bus. What measures are being put into to place to protect that trust?

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