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Submission + - Apple TV: a "dud." ?

Mr. Droopy Drawers writes: Fortunes Brent Schlender has tested the new Apple TV and calls it a dud. In the article he chronicles Apple CEO Steve Jobs track record of launching products that dont live up to their promise. Included in the list are the Apple III (1980), Lisa, Next Computer and the Power Mac Cube, what he calls a Lucite box that looked like a fancy tissue-box holder that was discontinued in 2001. Of course, all of these are overlooked due to the success of the iPod. Fortune
The Internet

Submission + - Disk drive pioneer Al Shugart dies

Mr. Droopy Drawers writes: "Al Shugart helped pioneer the multibillion dollar hard drive industry, in which Seagate now holds the leading market position. He founded the company in 1979 and left in 1998.

Shugart died Tuesday. Being in the storage industry for over 10 years and working with systems for more than 25, I remember the rough-and-tumble time that Shugart represented. His maverick ways of facing both the press and investors won't be matched soon."

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