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+ - Microsoft Poland photoshops black guy to white one-> 1

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wanted writes "If you look at Microsoft's Poland business solutions website you will probably not notice anything wrong with the main picture. However, when you compare it with the original English version, it clearly shows that someone decided showing black people in Poland is not going to be that convincing to business. They just photoshopped the head of the black guy with a white one, in an amateur style leaving his hand unchanged. There's also a mirror just in case."
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Comment: It's not about contributers (Score 4, Insightful) 309

by Mork29 (#28652645) Attached to: What Open Source Can Learn From Apple

It's about standards. Apple's UI guidelines are very well written, and very well thought out. When developing your app, you don't need to spend a lot of time thinking about the proper place to put something, because it's generally obvious. This makes it so much more user friendly as a user can pick up on things in a very intuitive way. It also gives a general "feel" to the entire operating system.

When working with Objective-C/Cocoa in XCode, your almost forced to give your app a very Mac like feel to it. The same goes for the iPhone. Everything you'd want in your interface is already pre-built, so everybody's apps have a familiar feel. I know I've heard the exact opposite when developing for something like the Blackberry.

Having more people contribute with no clear guidance will just make things worse.

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