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Comment: Re:Popups? (Score 1) 653

by Molf (#26746271) Attached to: Why Your Pop-Up Blocker Doesn't Work Anymore
Huh. I had no idea. Gmail works perfectly in Opera in normal mode. It's exactly the same as Firefox except for less random slowdown in extremely long threads (in fairness FF3.0 did improve matters there somewhat, but Opera is still marginally better for Gmail). For some reason, it's never redirected me to the basic HTML version...

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by Molf (#26679417) Attached to: Exchange Comes To Linux As OpenChange

if it is impossible to uninstall konqueror and still browse files, then your distro has packaged it wrong.

I presume you mean 'uninstall Dolphin', which is what I said.

Are you saying that Konqueror in KDE4 can use something other than dolphinpart as the embedded viewer for files of type 'inode/directory'? In Debian at least there appears to be no other option, and I was under the impression that it was an intentional choice to use one shared part.

On the other hand, perhaps you are saying that it should be possible to uninstall the Dolphin application while leaving the kpart available for use? In that case, what distros have it packaged in such a way that that's possible?

Comment: Re:Kontact is cool. (Score 1) 249

by Molf (#26676437) Attached to: Exchange Comes To Linux As OpenChange

I don't know that I've seen that done, aside from Dolphin, and Dolphin and Konqueror share a KPart. Unless I'm missing something, Dolphin is all about providing a different UI.

That's correct (in KDE4 at least). It's possible to uninstall Dolphin, and then Konqueror will be unable to browse local directories.

TRWTF is what Dolphin (the application) is actually *for*. The UI is *more* cluttered than Konqueror despite providing *less* features. It's like they heard of the trade-off between features and ease-of-use[0] but didn't realise that one of those is supposed to be improved, rather than both get worse. I suspect I may not be the target market for this application :P.

[0] Not that I really believe in this trade-off, for reasons more-or-less described by this guy:

Do not simplify the design of a program if a way can be found to make it complex and wonderful.