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Comment Re:What the fuck is with the snark (Score 4, Insightful) 118

I dont understand the authors snarky tone when writing this

The snark is that it's a pretty transparent attempt to get more pork for their state. Florida, Alabama, and Texas are the three states with major NASA facilities, and there are a lot of contractors who work in those states to support NASA.

Space travel is important. But a group whose business depends on government pork is likely not the most impartial group to be delivering that message. Porking NASA is how we got the Senate Launch System in the first place; NASA doesn't really want it, but it's being forced upon them by senators who want to keep government contracts in their state.

Comment Re:Singular "they" (Score 2) 151

It's because this year transgender issues have really come into the public conciousness, and I've seen a number of mainstream media outlets publishing articles on the language surrounding them. The general public is becoming more aware and learning how to speak about transgender people and issues without accidentally being offensive.

I don't view this as a transgender issue. I view it as a needed word. At one time "he" was accepted as a generic third-person singular pronoun, but since few people born since about 1920 accept it as such, we needed a new word. Singular "they" fills that need.


Comment Code Enforcement would save more lives (Score 3, Insightful) 91

I've heard that in a lot of oil rich countries that the stairways of their skyscrapers are used just to store things. Their mentality is that a concrete building would never burn. It's all about the fire load inside of the building, and if your paths of emergency egress is blocked, then your fatality rate is going to be much higher. A regularly inspected fire pump/sprinkler system, automatic magnetic doors closers, and training coupled with a safety plan isn't that expensive or difficult in the context of running a high rise. Followed properly, it will be the safest place you can be in.

Comment Re:Wine-wrapped and broken games? (Score 1) 110

Where is that on Steam? Because it only shows Windows and Mac Steamplay, not Linux. Hence it's NOT on Steam.

EVE-Online used to have an official Linux client, but it was discontinued several years ago as there weren't enough users to justify the time & cost. That client used Transgaming's tech (i.e. their WINE fork).

Comment Re:"TV series" (Score 1) 438

Sure. But Netflix and Amazon are the equivalent first-run, top-tier channels for their programming. CBS All Access is the B-team; it's UPN/CW where reject shows go.

The fact that the show is premiering on All Access means CBS doesn't think it's good enough to run on their main channel, and that implies to me that CBS isn't going to give this the kind of resources they'd give a proper Star Trek TV show. Budget Star Trek, perhaps?

Comment Re:This isn't news (Score 1) 310

Furthermore, the FBI's own stats show that the ban/restriction on pseudoephedrine has made the problem worse.

It depends on your definition of "worse" and what is the first problem you're trying to solve.

In the Pacific Northwest, regulating pseudoephedrine has almost entirely wiped out local meth production. Prior to this meth houses were a massive issue; the aforementioned "dumbasses" were causing incredible environmental damage as meth houses themselves were all but inhabitable, frequently leeched out into the surrounding environment, and were extremely expensive to decontaminate and dismantle. Meanwhile said dumbasses were producing poor quality meth that was getting even more people killed.

Regulating pseudoephedrine didn't completely eliminate meth - and no one expected it to - but it has definitely made things better for everyone around here. I'd support it again in a heartbeat if it was brought up for a vote.

Comment Somebody needs their butt kicked (Score 1) 212

I've noted this for a while, that even with a perfectly good WiFi connection ("good" = streaming video bandwidth) my iPad insists on using cellular data for some network functions. So I leave the cellular data turned off unless I actually need it.

The motivation when I bought it was that I could use cellular data to access flight planning and weather information if I land at an airport that has cell coverage but no WiFi. It has served this function just fine, but somebody at Apple needs their ass kicked very hard over this one.


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