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Comment: Re:Sex discrimination. (Score 1) 672

by Mitchell314 (#46719899) Attached to: Google: Teach Girls Coding, Get $2,500; Teach Boys, Get $0
And the vast majority of all those are not in programming at all. Programmers/CS/IT workers make good money, have a very low work death rate, and CS graduates are overwhelmingly dominated by males. It's a privileged field (not saying that's wrong, but compared to blue collar work, let's be real here. You know, like work where there are actual deadly hazards?), and while I'm no fan of affirmative action, it's absolutely silly to complain that there's a little extra incentive to teach an couple more people from an under-represented demographic in such a discipline.

Comment: Re:WOW! (Score 1) 132

by Mitchell314 (#46621707) Attached to: Linux 3.14 Kernel Released
Not to side with the hoard of mac trolls in this thread . . . but Linux systems tend to be pretty pricy too. Also, the "double price" is not entirely honest. Computer models tend to get more expensive per hardware capability near the end of their life. That's far from Apple specific, and it's very easy to pick out the cheapest, newer pc model against an old mac line right before an update. Sure you can conjure up numbers that make it look double. But when you factor in computer support, making informed purchases (like buying after soon a model update, and buying cheaper RAM from a reputable 3rd party), and software (bloatware subsidizing some PCs vs hardware subsidizing software), Macs are not terribly far from PCs in terms of price vs specs. Same goes for vendor supplied Linux PCs. Quality just isn't cheap. And no, I'm not biased towards Apple; I'll just as happily use BSD, Linux, or even Windows 7.

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