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Comment: Really? (Score 1) 212

by MitchDev (#49468695) Attached to: Legislation Would Force Radio Stations To Pay Royalties

Just when you thought Radio couldn't get any worse...

Scrap goddamn copyright law already, this is WAY out of hand...

Radio = FREE ADVERTISING, consider yourself lucky if your music gets played/

Thank god for mp3 players, haven't used the radio in years (thanks to the FCC helping destroy radio by letting the same two or three companies own EVERY station in every market)

Comment: Re:thank God they didn't have computers.... (Score 1) 626


This nonsense is just accelerating the trend of total disrespect for authority of any kind. Those in power never pay for their crimes, so why should anyone care or obey anything they say?

Why do kids and other people hat e the cops and distrust them? Look to stories like this, same with teachers and other authority figures...

Nothing happens.