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Comment Re:no DirectX 12 (Score 1) 305

And of all the things you mentioned only Spinal Tap is still actually relevant. I mean it only basically launched VH1 and their whole "Behind the Music" series.

If you don't believe me, dust off your VHS (I personally have it on Blu-Ray nowadays) and watch it again. It is still hilarious and one of the best fake "reality" show ever made. And still being referenced in this day and age. Just look at my sig for further proof of Spinal Tap's staying power...

Comment Re:Translation: We Don't Have Gigabit Fiber (Score 1) 573

I have fiber running to my house and I pay $35 a month for 50 down and 30 up. I know that the area my ISP covers in the city is limited to where their backbone runs, but if you are in their coverage area, it is the best deal around. I used to have Comcast and paid $55 for 25 down and 7-10 up. Plus an extra $10 if you didn't also have their $50 a month basic cable package.

Comment Re:duke nuken (Score 1) 128

Crude or not it was the first FPS to even attempt humor. The whole "gritty realism" thing in FPS games wasn't quite there due to graphics limitations at the time, but the sense of humor definitely made it more enjoyable for me. And if you thought DN3D humor could be crude, did you ever play Shadow Warrior?

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