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Comment: Re:Dunno how to feel about this... (Score 1) 357

by MiniMike (#46623083) Attached to: An Engineer's Eureka Moment With a GM Flaw

Is there a standard or guideline specifying the torque needed to rotate the ignition key away from the 'Run' position? If so, and if this switch (original version) failed to meet it, then GM would be liable. That doesn't make them evil.

The cries of evil come in because they let their customers continue to drive with this potentially very dangerous equipment well after GM was aware of the danger. They knew that this switch had a fault, redesigned it, and issued a TSB to add a 'key cover'- without issuing a warning or a recall. It's like they did the very minimum they could get away with.

Also note that while 13 people died due to this failure, it does not include other accidents where people injured (possibly severely) or accidents where only cars were damaged. It also doesn't count any accidents where this fault contributed, but may not have been discovered.

Comment: Re:Or it could be used for something else... (Score 1) 298

by MiniMike (#46559171) Attached to: Iran Builds Mock-up of Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carrier

It's to be used for a photo op. Soon we'll have a picture of the fake aircraft carrier flying through the clouds with the President of Iran and the Supreme Leader on the front of the flight deck, air streaming through their air/turban, holding hands and shouting "We're the kings of the wooooooorld!."

Comment: Re:Cut them off (Score 1) 747

by MiniMike (#46483047) Attached to: Measles Outbreak In NYC

Some pediatricians will drop patients if their parents don't get them vaccinated. I think vaccinations are needed to enroll in public school in some areas, but I suspect that there's a high correlation between anti-vaccers and homeschoolers anyway (and maybe partially because of this) so this might not have much effect.

Comment: We're no safer for this, but... (Score 1) 66

by MiniMike (#46456845) Attached to: CanSecWest Presenter Self-Censors Risky Critical Infrastructure Talk

We're no safer for his withdrawing the paper, but at least any attacks can't be traced back to info provided by him (even if it's accessible elsewhere). I'm guessing this is a CYA move. Hopefully he shares any info on security flaws with people from the relevant organizations.

Comment: Might be useful for cargo ship convoys (Score 1) 216

by MiniMike (#46356823) Attached to: Rolls Royce Developing Drone Cargo Ships

The first use of this might be for cargo ship convoys, instead of letting drones loose by themselves. I'm thinking that one or more new drone ships would tag along with a regular manned cargo ship, effectively increasing the capacity of the crew of the manned ship. The crew would be nearby for maintenance and emergencies. Remember that as with any new technology it would be phased in- the thousands of current cargo ships are not going to disappear overnight. If this technology is ever implemented, there will have to be a transitional phase where it coexists with current technology.

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