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Comment How much energy? (Score 3, Insightful) 75

It shines 20 times brighter than the combined output of the Milky Way's 100 billion stars, and in the last six months, it has spewed as much energy as the sun would in 10 lifetimes

Seriously, how about some meaningful units we can comprehend here? How many times the energy usage of the Library of Congress is this?

Comment Re:WTF??? (Score 1) 276

I don't have the numbers (thanks to anyone who knows where they are), but I would guess that far more people are injured than killed, and far more money is spent on their medical care. For a severely injured person brought to an ER, they could blow past $27k in hours if not minutes. There would also be the costs of long term care, which could dwarf the initial medical costs.

Comment Another work around... (Score 2) 353

So, from now on all cell phones in NY are free, not sold or leased, and are not subject to the law as worded.

Of course, cell phone plans will go up to $100 per month/line, but you can get a small discount by selecting a formerly expensive phone, or a larger discount by selecting a formerly cheap phone. Oh, and don't forget more heinous early termination fees...

Comment Re:it was an inevitable progression, to say the le (Score 4, Funny) 170

south korea: a chipmunk christmas remix of Gangnam Style at every border outpost by tomorrow morning.

Might constitute a war crime (torture, superfluous injury, unnecessary suffering), as technically they're still at war.

south korea: pick up a copy of whatever Biebers got out this year while you're at it...

Yeah, definitely a war crime...

Comment Re:the new slow dummies in the left lane (Score 1) 748

Which is a great theory, but the reality is that if the speed limit is set very low on a road for no apparent reason then a lot of drivers won't respect it,

Actually the reason is quite obvious. The speed limit is set unreasonably low so the police can pull over anybody they want for speeding. This might be to generate revenue (i.e. a speedtrap), or as a pretext to search the car for other more serious violations (i.e. drugs, cash, whatever). Since they can't legally just stop a car for 'looking suspicious' they just pull them over for speeding since they (and everybody else) are speeding.

Comment Re:How to make information worthless (Score 1) 124

How about current customers are given alternate methods to connect. Anyone using the released information from an IP address not previously used is forwarded to that infamous goat-site, and their IP address recorded. If that IP address can later be linked to an identity (i.e. e-mail) that person is auto-subscribed to an array of camel-porn mailing lists (unless they're already on them, in which case they're unsubscribed). Not perfect, but it might have some effect.

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