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Comment: They're making billions on other drugs already (Score 1) 245

by MiniMike (#49132157) Attached to: The Peculiar Economics of Developing New Antibiotics

These drug companies are already raking in $XX billions on other drugs, and the cost to develop a new antibiotic could be less than some of their advertising budgets. The $2 billion might not even be enough incentive.

How about a rule like for every non-antibiotic drug that is approved by the FDA, they also need to submit one antibiotic drug for approval? That would get their attention.

Comment: Re:Don't you wish some of those slain had firearms (Score 1) 1350

by MiniMike (#48767699) Attached to: Gunmen Kill 12, Wound 7 At French Magazine HQ

You're discounting range. A pen might be mightier than a sword, but its range sucks compared to a gun.

Now if a few people had flung chairs, books, hot coffee, etc. (basically anything heavy enough to do a little damage/distraction) they could undoubtedly have then rushed the gunmen with fewer losses than occurred from sitting there waiting for their name to be called.

Comment: Re:Streisand Effect and Mohammad cartoons (Score 5, Funny) 512

by MiniMike (#48767061) Attached to: Publications Divided On Self-Censorship After Terrorist Attack

If every newspaper in France were to re-print some of the more controversial cartoons form Charlie Hebdo, or offer to print and distribute next week's issue as a special insert, it would send a strong message to terrorists that the "Streisand Effect" is real.

And then the terrorists next target: Barbra Streisand.

Comment: Re:live by the sword (Score 1) 320

by MiniMike (#48764239) Attached to: HOA Orders TARDIS Removed From In Front of Parrish Home

If enough people were to infiltrate the HOA, could the HOA vote to disband itself? That might be a fun hobby...

Probably no, but not due to HOA rules. My mortgage agreement has a line in it about not taking any action to disband the HOA. Fortunately, while my HOA is far from great and has its own range of issues, it doesn't seem as bad as many mentioned here.

Comment: Re:Other films cancelled. (Score 1) 230

by MiniMike (#48633037) Attached to: "Team America" Gets Post-Hack Yanking At Alamo Drafthouse, Too

hot tub time machine: violates numerous causality laws and in the spirit of preserving much of our modern understanding of thermodynamics, has been cancelled by a studio that mistook the word 'causality' for 'terrorist'

I don't know about this one, seems like the phrase "violates numerous terrorists" would get the studios pretty excited...

Comment: Re:BBC slipping into darkness? (Score 1) 216

by MiniMike (#48499895) Attached to: How the Rollout of 5G Will Change Everything

Maybe that's the amount of an HD film that someone with the attention span of a typical BBC reporter can watch? Seriously, it seems like the quality of BBC news reporting has been slipping for years. I suspect their long term plan is to steal readers from the Daily Mail.

At least the BBC still makes some decent programs.

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