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Comment: Pretty Arrogant (Score 3, Insightful) 160

by Milican (#30486688) Attached to: After Berlusconi Attack, Italy Considers Web Censorship

It's too bad, but people get attacked all the time. However, when a leader gets attacked then we need to shut down the Internet. Pretty arrogant and self-centered. I'm glad the Internet is pretty free, but it's only a matter of time until politicians invent an excuse to control it. I'm sure it will be for the children, or to stop some possible terrorist scenario. Then it'll creep out from there.


Comment: Re:Why? (Score 2, Informative) 508

by Milican (#27109877) Attached to: Obama To Reverse Bush Limits On Stem Cell Work

Exactly. The State of California had their own stem cell research going on during the federal funding ban.

It would be nice if I had a line item veto on my IRS 1040. That way I could go in and veto items that I found morally objectionable. It would nice if I didn't have to fund elements of a government that go against my beliefs. Oh well... they've got the guns.



+ - Multiformat Listening Test at 64kbps

Submitted by Anonymous
Anonymous (666) writes "The Hydrogenaudio community is conducting a "Public, Multiformat Listening Test" ( to see which codecs (AAC, WMA Pro and Vorbis) provide the best sound quality when compressing samples at 64kbps.

This test is open until the 5th of August and seems to be much, much harder than what one would expect, even for experienced developers of sound codecs, at bitrates that the public would find "too little", as the comments on the thread at the discussion forums (see: topic=56397).

Do you think that you have good ears? That 64kbps is "too little"? Then try it for yourself and participate. Your participation will help us improve the codecs so that they are even closer to being "transparent" at such "low" bitrates."

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