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Comment Re:Because that would be unimaginable CENSORSHIP? (Score 3, Informative) 828

Do these same people support the 1950s Hollywood (private company) blacklists of communists and fellow-travelers?

I may not approve of what you say, but you have the right to say it. The same goes for blacklisting. I don't approve of what movie studios did, but they did have a right to refuse to hire people based on political alignment.

Comment Re:What a retarded concept (Score 1) 246

If you think that programming naturally leads to improved problem solving skills, you're psychotic. Just look at all the delayed, failed, and buggy software out there.

But that's a side point. You have to consider whether those people would have been even stupider if they weren't programming. Crossword puzzles increase mental agility (especially in the elderly) even when people suck at them.

Comment Re:Oblig XKCD (Score 4, Informative) 179

Well, Trump certainly does have a history with offshore wind farms. He and his lawyers managed to delay the implementation of a wind farm project off the coast of Scotland for several years. It finally went ahead after he lost three successive court judgements.

His objection was that the turbines would spoil the view from his golf course.

Comment Re:translation (Score 1) 184

I'm trying to decide what the Feds think they're going to do.
  • Legislate backdoored encryption and hope people worldwide won't mind Americans being able to see their dick pics
  • Mandate into law that all large pseudoprimes must be easy factorizable
  • Make it illegal to send an encrypted message with no primary key included as an attachment
  • Allocate billions of dollars to a "Manhattan Project" until it proves P=NP

This seems asinine. "Hello Bob? This is Alice. If you're at FBI headquarters could you please turn off the speakerphone?"

Comment Re:Job is forfeit. (Score 2) 184

You can't just "outlaw certain encryption types". People in the rest of the world won't be falling all over each other to outlaw encryption technology that the American government can't penetrate. Who the hell would want to do business with any American company if it meant they had to spread their ass cheeks wide open for the U.S. government?

And any "bad guys" could safely and easily encrypt their plaintext "illegally", and cloak it with a steganographic layer to fool any Feds who would bother to peek through whatever half-assed backdoor they might mandate on the rest of us.

Right now most politicians don't seem to realize that what they want will require a backdoor. Or if they do, they think it will be one that will magically open just for them. They're still in the stage where they think they can just legislate fundamental changes into number theory and computer science.

Comment Re:How about cows? (Score 1) 228

I guess you don't live in New Jersey- this guy is horrible. I wouldn't trust him any further than I can throw him. He's having more success campaigning in other states- but in his home state, even Republicans hate him. He injected himself into the Exxon settlement and let them off for pennies on the dollar, and now their environmental disaster in North Jersey will never be cleaned up. Covering up a necropsy on a dolphin to hide disturbing news about that river is exactly his style.

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