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Comment Re:There is an illusion today among younger people (Score 1) 332

You plan to launch these Nuclear Weapons at whom exactly? Terrorists don't have a home and I assure you, on a long enough time-line, Terrorists will get their hands on something Nuclear and detonate it.

That Country will be looking for someone to blame.

As for World Wars, we should be looking at China. I'd place every Penny I own that China would be the instigator for that War.

Comment Re:I'm not renewing prime this year... (Score 1) 79

I've also been finding better prices at local stores like Walmart. The best thing about that is I don't need to wait for an Item to ship. I've found that it's mostly the 3rd party sellers that are inflating prices on Amazon like $99 so-called "Rare" DVDs that can be found on EBay for $20 or less.

I've also noticed things like when you add an Item to your Cart and leave it for awhile (30 min); the price will go up. Take it out and the price will go back down. Amazon really needs to take a hard look at the practices of Sellers.

Comment Re:Here's a thought: Just freeze the project (Score 1) 58

"Not have a life" I never understood this, two hours on Saturday and two hours on Sunday isn't taking anything away from peoples lives especially if you really enjoy what you're doing. If coding feels like an inconvenience to you, perhaps a different hobby would suit you better.

Comment Re:I feel for them... (Score 2, Insightful) 273

"The US is politically fatigued by war."

We'll see about that when a Republican is elected next time by holding his hands in the air and chanting nonsense about "Freedom" and how we need to "Protect" it. Since I was born in 1978, EVERY Republican has had some sort of War/Invasion while the Democrats try to stay away, save a few pin-prick Air Strikes to keep the Warmongers happy.

War is obsolete in my opinion, we as a WORLD can't advance until we learn to live together on this tiny Blue Planet.

Comment Re:just ban it (Score 1) 365

Why not ban Alcohol (again) too?. Ask any Doctor or Hospital about the Alcohol related incidents they encounter every single day. Everything from a Pneumothorax to Throat and Intestinal Cancers.

I say don't ban anything, if people want to kill themselves then let them. Drug addiction works itself out eventually by either the addict quitting or ODing. By banning Tobacco you would only succeed in developing an underground market.

Comment The Lottery (Score 1) 480

I don't usually play the Lottery unless the Jackpot is over 10 Million. Winning 1 Million isn't worth it, by the time you buy a House and Car it's gone. Then the House and the Car become a liability with taxes and repairs. In any case, I played this one even though I knew I was more likely to be crushed by an Asteroid.

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