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Comment Re:Salmon's now on my "foods to avoid" list (Score 1) 513

You must be joking. With all the paid holidays, vacations and numerous other ways to avoid work that Americans have (assuming you're American) it shouldn't be any problem at all for you to make time to go Fishing or any other activity.

What next, Americans demanding $30 an hour to flip Burgers and 5 Hour work weeks? Geez

Comment Really? (Score 1) 305

I figured, with all those side effects, nobody would even go near those drugs. I mean, really, are you willing to try that new drug on your toenail fungus with a risk of death attached? What that means is that people during the drug study actually died, a confirmed side effect.

In any case I think we need to stop with all these sex pills and nonsense drugs and put that money in to treating or curing life threatening illnesses. Aspirin and Penicillin were revolutionary and more beneficial than any of their very minor side effects; we need drugs like those.

Comment Re:Rednecks Anonymous (Score 1) 546

I don't know if it's the same old KKK, but if it is, Anonymous just dug it's grave for at least a few members. The KKK has/had links to various questionable and legal organizations that could "Take care" of people. And it's well known that some Politicians and Law Enforcement are members. Anonymous is feeling like the masters of the virtual universe it seems and now real life threatens to literally, burn down their Tree House.

You know what they say about playing with fire and I know I am inviting a joke here =p

Comment Re:Photoshop (Score 1) 889

Why do you need to restore or rollback anything? The drivers usually just work and if they don't you just purge them and revert to older ones. System restore? ha, it's called a Live CD. Back up your junk from that and reinstall.

Windows has those two "features" because of how badly it was needed due to crashing and incompatibilities with that OS. Linux doesn't suffer even remotely from many of the problems of Windows; hence why you don't see those features. And like TemporalBeing said, most people don't even know how to use those features anyway they're mostly there for those PC Repair people to use. I should know, I use to repair Windows Computers.

You want to know how we fixed your problems most of the time? We backed all your stuff up and reinstalled the OS. Something you could've done yourself. That's your System Restore and Rollback, something we hardly bothered to use since most of the time it created more problems than it solved.

Comment Re:There is an illusion today among younger people (Score 1) 332

You plan to launch these Nuclear Weapons at whom exactly? Terrorists don't have a home and I assure you, on a long enough time-line, Terrorists will get their hands on something Nuclear and detonate it.

That Country will be looking for someone to blame.

As for World Wars, we should be looking at China. I'd place every Penny I own that China would be the instigator for that War.

Comment Re:I'm not renewing prime this year... (Score 1) 79

I've also been finding better prices at local stores like Walmart. The best thing about that is I don't need to wait for an Item to ship. I've found that it's mostly the 3rd party sellers that are inflating prices on Amazon like $99 so-called "Rare" DVDs that can be found on EBay for $20 or less.

I've also noticed things like when you add an Item to your Cart and leave it for awhile (30 min); the price will go up. Take it out and the price will go back down. Amazon really needs to take a hard look at the practices of Sellers.

Honesty is for the most part less profitable than dishonesty. -- Plato