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Comment: Re:Why worry? (Score 2, Funny) 254

by Midgarn (#28882255) Attached to: SMS Hack Could Make iPhones Vulnerable

I, for on am not concrnd. It's simply a mattr of not snding that charactr. Crtainly, a company lik Appl can hav it xcludd from th alphabt. And thn w can just gt on with our livs, njoying our iPhons.

What happns whn th hackrs dcid to switch to a diffrnt charactr? How will Appl rspond thn?

I, fr n am nt cncrnd. It's simply a mattr f nt snding that charactr. Crtainly, a cmpany lik Appl can hav it xcludd frm th alphabt. And thn w can just gt n with ur livs, njying ur iPhns.

What happns whn th hackrs dcid t switch t a diffrnt charactr? Hw will Appl rspnd thn?



+ - Microsoft officially announces>

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Midgarn writes: "Techspot posts that Microsoft has officially announced its new search engine, As to the name, the Techspot reporter cites, " In their words: "You probably didn't wake up today expecting an entirely new search experience. But — Bing! — here it is." "

There's a missed opportunity here for a jingle tie-in, but I guess wanted too much money for its URL. (Or it's already connected to a bad site. Our firewall blocks it at work. :) )"

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Comment: Re:The really sad thing about this... (Score 1) 268

by Midgarn (#26357949) Attached to: Apple Introduces "MacBook Wheel"

I'm sure I'm not alone in not looking forward to being surrounded by an office full people jabbering at their computers

At this office in particular, I think 75% of the work gets done on the phone. Voice-recognition computers would eliminate the multi-tasking of writing a document while gathering information.

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