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Comment Re:Why worry? (Score 2, Funny) 254

I, for on am not concrnd. It's simply a mattr of not snding that charactr. Crtainly, a company lik Appl can hav it xcludd from th alphabt. And thn w can just gt on with our livs, njoying our iPhons.

What happns whn th hackrs dcid to switch to a diffrnt charactr? How will Appl rspond thn?

I, fr n am nt cncrnd. It's simply a mattr f nt snding that charactr. Crtainly, a cmpany lik Appl can hav it xcludd frm th alphabt. And thn w can just gt n with ur livs, njying ur iPhns.

What happns whn th hackrs dcid t switch t a diffrnt charactr? Hw will Appl rspnd thn?



Submission + - Microsoft officially announces Bing.com (techspot.com)

Midgarn writes: "Techspot posts that Microsoft has officially announced its new search engine, Bing.com. As to the name, the Techspot reporter cites, " In their words: "You probably didn't wake up today expecting an entirely new search experience. But — Bing! — here it is." "

There's a missed opportunity here for a jingle tie-in, but I guess Whoomp.com wanted too much money for its URL. (Or it's already connected to a bad site. Our firewall blocks it at work. :) )"

Comment Re:The really sad thing about this... (Score 1) 268

I'm sure I'm not alone in not looking forward to being surrounded by an office full people jabbering at their computers

At this office in particular, I think 75% of the work gets done on the phone. Voice-recognition computers would eliminate the multi-tasking of writing a document while gathering information.

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