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Comment Re:Its always been like this (Score 1) 380

people adjust to the conditions they are born into

So why compare different times?

social interactions, not material wealth provide the largest part of happiness

And the less we work the more opportunity there is for social interaction.

you vastly overestimate how well somebody "fully unemployed" (i.e. living on the street, no health-care, etc.) is living today.

Your reference to health care suggests that this is a US centric response. I don't live in the US, few people do, so it isn't really relevant. Health care now is vastly better than 1000 years ago and in most of the civilised world, poor people have access to good health care.

Comment Re:Its always been like this (Score 1) 380

Literally every tool ever invented has cut out menial jobs and increased worker productivity. And we are better for it.

We are, after two world wars and communist and fascist revolutions. The people replaced by the machines and killed by the resulting social collapse weren't. Whatever good results from AI will happen long after our society, in which employment is the main source of income for most people and thus can't function with high unemployment, has crumbled and been replaced.

So what do we choose? A better future, or the status quo? I don't want to be living in the 1930s.

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