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Comment: No I don't agree (Score 2) 342

The falcon can't throttle down enough to hover before landing so it has to approach the pad at high speed, and high acceleration. While doing this it has to rotate the entire vehicle to control lateral movement. It has to coordinate lateral and vertical acceleration to achieve near zero in all three axes at touchdown, with only one chance to get it right.

I doubt this can be done without extra thrusters for fine control over velocity and position.

Comment: Re:Chinese or Indian Devs? (Score 2) 187

by MichaelSmith (#49456659) Attached to: LG Split Screen Software Compromises System Security

The system I had to deal with: the intranet installed an activex component onto each workstation. The component checked to see if a USB device was mounted and if it was, it refused to connect to the internet. You had to disconnect the USB device, download your file, then reconnect it and copy the file. This was their idea of "security".

Comment: Because thats clearly what NASA wants to do (Score 2) 58

ISS2 will do a single transit to and from Mars, possibly with time spent in a highly eccentric orbit around Mars, waiting for the return launch window. Russia will have to built their own space station which will presumably be MIR2.

The second mission may deploy a small vehicle to test aero-braking at Mars, and a landing on one of the moons. Maybe landing on the third mission?

Comment: Hardened gear is important (Score 4, Interesting) 50

Until recently I worked for a company which supplied industrial grade computers, including tablets. All the tablets we supplied ran windows. Google need to push hard to break into that market segment and developing a product like this is a good place to start.

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