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Comment Re:What a coincidence (Score 1) 96

This is on an HP Pavillion 11 inch laptop. Not the best hardware and almost certainly my last HP device. It seems to be associated with use of an external monitor connected with HDMI. I had one or two hangs over several months on 15.04 but on 15.10 its every day. I will most likely go back to 14.04 for the time being.

Comment Bullshit (Score 1) 479

A company like VW would involve people at all levels in the design of a vehicle. Performance requirements would be specified at an early stage. If a product suddenly started performing well above spec due to broken tests, the discrepancy would be obvious to all concerned.

VW are not a backyard operation.

Comment Re:Wasn't the noise an issue? (Score 1) 124

Given that one of these aircraft demolished a hotel in France (more or less) recently one might expect the regulatory environment to be a bit different now,

That incident killed about 7 (or 9?) people on the ground - I was attending a meeting there recently, so thought about it a bit - but fundamentally it wasn't the Concorde's fault. It was the previous plane on the runway which had shed a large lump of debris. Sure, having better self-sealing on the Concorde wing fuel tanks might have helped it to survive long enough to hard-land at the diversion airport they attempted at Le Bourget.

But also the long cord of concorde wings makes it more likely that a disintegrating tire will puncture a tank.

Comment Labour costs (Score 1) 221

It used to be economic to spend a month on a ship, paying hotel rates for labour but thats just too expensive now, so you pay less money to spend a day on a plane to go half way around the Earth. But at some point the cost of labour will rise to the point where that one day is too expensive as well, so it will be economic to develop faster aircraft which cost less in manpower to run. Even now an SST could get away with less in cabin staff, fewer changes of crew, etc.

Comment Re:How do they plan to maintain it? (Score 1) 124

So yea you really can just order the parts, with the design from the local certified machine shop.

you really don't know what goes into the process of manufacturing turbine blades, do you?

The aircraft industry has moved on from the 1960s and I would argue that is is next to impossible for a small, bespoke operation to deliver components with the same level of quality as a large scale production process. Aircraft parts are made for fleets of around a thousand aircraft. Large scale means that your production and testing processes can be highly repeatable.

Its like asking how expensive it would be to make ten modern CPUs from scratch, and get them working as well as one from the shop. Impossible? Or merely difficult?

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