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by MichaelSmith (#48064631) Attached to: AIDS Origin Traced To 1920s Kinshasa

HIV is a mutated version of a chimpanzee virus, ... which probably made the species-jump through contact with infected blood while handling bush meat.

Okay, was there no monkey meat business before 1920s? Why did it make the jump only at that time? How exactly does a virus change from a chimp version to a human version?

It made the jump because of the large local population, fed by modern transportation systems. Previously it hadn't been possible to support a million people in such a small area.

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Thinking about this on the train this morning I reckon you could get close by using Doppler sensing sonar along a corridor with one way doors at each end. A Doppler shift which indicates somebody going the wrong way would disable both doors until humans sort it out. It could probably be augmented with a camera based system. There would inevitably be false positives from kids darting around, etc but you wouldn't have to shut down the terminal.

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