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Comment: Re:Yeah hand signals (Score 1) 289

by MichaelSmith (#47792769) Attached to: Hidden Obstacles For Google's Self-Driving Cars

Consider this scenario. I am merging right to make a right turn.

  1. Indicate right
  2. Wait for a car to give way
  3. Merge one lane to the right

This doesn't work with automatic cars because they don't understand hand signals. Instead I just have to merge and hope the overtaking cars are going to give way. If this behaviour becomes common, people will start merging without indicating in the expectation that automatic systems will take care of the resulting conflict.

Comment: Re:It's a TRAP! (Score 2) 175

by MichaelSmith (#47633915) Attached to: Yahoo To Add PGP Encryption For Email

Any proposal in which users hand over their private keys to a third party (such as a webmail provider) should be assumed to be done with the blessing of, or at the request of, law enforcement or intelligence agencies

Where did it say in there that users would hand over private keys to a third party?

At best they would give the keys to software provided by Yahoo and running in their browser. Law enforcement could compel Yahoo to provide a backdoor to that software or they could compromise the encryption in the browser. Unlike java, javascript has nothing to stop code from a different source interfering with other code running in the browser.

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