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Comment Fueled by recent change to Twitters TOS (Score 2) 191

Comment Re:Drones and Cars and Guns (Score 1) 151

And which of these has the least regulation? And which has the higher chance of injuring or killing someone? Amazing that they want license plates and insurance for "model aircraft", but apparently you can buy a gun and just start shooting it, no safety classes, no training, not even a seatbelt required.

People have flown these model aircrafts next to airports and runways causing real aircrafts to be unable to take off and land causing huge inconveniences and costs to thousands of people. It is not just about what has the chance to injure or kill someone but costing whole industries lots of time and money.

Submission + - Edge is the default browser in Windows 10 (

Meshach writes: Chris Beard (CEO of Mozilla) sent an angry letter to Microsoft protesting how Windows 10 sets your default browser to Edge (the Internet Explorer replacement) even if you have previously set your default browser to something else. Users can customize the browser themselves but Beard says that this process is not obvious for non-tech users.

Comment Re:I don't really buy it (Score 2, Informative) 422

If you TRFA here is what happened:

The company was having trouble in 2013 so it laid off some employees

In 2014 the company started doing better

The employees who were laid off in 2013 sued and won

The cost of dealing with the lawsuit caused the company to again experience hardship. This time they closed there doors.

So it had nothing to do with a severance package. When the company started doing better they were forced to compensate employees that were fired when the company was doing badly.

Comment Re:Don't trust any website (Score 1) 94

The article asks:

I was preparing a book for one of my clients and as I am uploading the photos, which are personal, the first thought was... should I really be uploading these photos to this website, we just met?

The answer is no, of course you shouldn't trust any website. If you want it to remain private, leave it off the internet.

I assume that whoever is speaking in the article has a job / contract to prepare these photos for clients who have requested that they upload the photos to the service. In that case leaving them off the Internet is not an option.

Comment Re:Car analogy (Score 2) 105

The government already has access via hand-held battering rams and 14 tonne, wheeled wrecking-balls (AKA assault vehicles). Big money and brute force doesn't work on encryption, unless they turn it into rubber-hose decryption (Oblig. XKCD). But the three-letter agencies can't do that 200 times a day, so they want a cheap, simple solution that labels the common people as criminals without rights.

There are law about that though - a warrant is required for the police to enter my home. DHS is not going to get a warrant to snoop on me.

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