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Submission + - Edge is the default browser in Windows 10->

Meshach writes: Chris Beard (CEO of Mozilla) sent an angry letter to Microsoft protesting how Windows 10 sets your default browser to Edge (the Internet Explorer replacement) even if you have previously set your default browser to something else. Users can customize the browser themselves but Beard says that this process is not obvious for non-tech users.
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Submission + - Mystery of origin of Moon solved->

Meshach writes: There are many theories to how the Earth and Moon formed. One theory that the moon was formed when two proto-planets (Earth and Theia) collided. The situation hypothesized is that the collision destoyed Theia and the the left over parts eventually cooled and created the moon. This is viewed as more likely then the idea that the Earth and Moon formed independently because their composition is so similar. Previously it was thought that the chances for such a collision were very low but new research suggests that the odds are closer to 20 or 30 percent.
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Submission + - The Earth may have an inner inner core->

Meshach writes: Traditionally scientists have seen the Earth as having a four part interior — crust, mantle, outer core, inner core. But new research is suggesting that the Earth has another layer: an inner inner core. The inner inner core is roughly half the diameter of the entire core and has several different properties.
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Submission + - Is open-source more secure then closed source?->

Meshach writes: Interesting article about whether open source sofware is able to be secured against threats as well as closed-source software. Open-source advocates say they are more secure than proprietary software because developers are constantly fixing flaws found by users. The recent Heartbleed and Shellshock outbreaks vindicate this theory. Critics say the open nature of the software leaves it vulnerable to hackers because the programing flaws are out in the open for all to see.
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Submission + - Google heavily critizied for releasing new Bomb Gaza game->

Meshach writes: Google is being heavily critisized for releasing a game called "Bomb Gaza". Users play the part of Isreal and they drop bombs on terrorists and avoid civillians. The desctiption on the play store is as follows: “Terrorist cells are launching rockets into your country, do you have what it takes to protect your citizens?” A few users have complained but Google has been unavailable for comment.
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Submission + - Harvard Bomber Hoax Perpetrator Caught through Tor->

Meshach writes: The FBI has caught the student who called in a bomb threat on December 16. The student used a temporary anonymous email account routed through Tor but the FBI were able to trace it because it originated in the Harvard wireless network. He could face as long as five years in prison, three years of supervised release and a $250,000 fine if convicted.
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Submission + - Using laptop to take notes lowers grades->

Meshach writes: A study in journal Computers & Education found that students who took notes on a laptop got lower marks then student who took notes the traditional way with pen and paper. The study's author hypothesized that using a laptop leads to multitasking (i.e. surfing the net or checking email) which reduces concentration.
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Submission + - Real version of Homer Simpsons dream car built->

Meshach writes: Some fans of The Simpsons have built a real life version of Homer Simpsons dream car. In the Simpson's world Homer finds out that he has a long lost cousin named Herb Powell, (voiced by Danny DeVito) who owns a car company in Detroit. Herb is so delighted to meet Homer that he lets Homer design a car that eventually ruins the company. This real vehicle is a working replica of the infamous car from the series.
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Submission + - No hands or voice activated texting not safer->

Meshach writes: Recent study in the Washington Post verifies that using hands free or voice activated texting is no safer then texting with your hands while you are driving a car. Using a hand-held device to tap out a text message while driving has been banned in many states and provinces with the expectation that using hands free is safer.
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Submission + - Moore's Law implies life existed before Earth formed->

Meshach writes: Interesting article in the Digital Journal saying that the current complexity of life on Earth and Moore's Law imply that life had to begin before the Earth was formed. Based on the premise that genetic complexity of living systems double every 376 million years the initiation of life is pushed back to almost 10 billion years ago. Geologists believe the age of the Earth is about 4.5 billion years. This means that life is older than the Earth by 5.5 billion years.
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