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Comment: Re:Liberty? (Score 1) 241

by Meneth (#49644903) Attached to: James Comey: the Man Who Wants To Outlaw Encryption

I suppose there's an AI issue, too--a singularity is going to get into this data in a few decades. I can't predict what an AI a hundred times smarter than any of us might do with it.

Don't worry about that. :) If the AI is Friendly, it won't hurt us no matter how much it knows, and if it's Unfriendly, it won't matter how much it knows; it would hurt us just as bad anyway.

Comment: Re:like no problem humanity has ever faced (Score 1) 197

by Meneth (#49526209) Attached to: Concerns of an Artificial Intelligence Pioneer

Is this a movie trailer?

An intelligence unlike anything Humanity has ever faced! You can't adapt {they're faster} You can't overcome {they're stronger} and they're coming! Dec 1st to a theater near you.

There have been a few recent movies on that form.

I, Robot (2004) shows a weak, non-self-modifying city-control computer.

Her (2013) shows an almost-friendly non-corporeal AI OS. It gains superintelligence, but chooses to sublimate rather than wipe out humanity.

Trancendence (2014) shows a human mind uploaded. It gains the "nanotech" superpower, but none of the others that a proper superintelligence would have.

No movie has shown a true superintelligence, because (1) we can't imagine what it would do, (2) if it was hostile, we'd lose, which most marketeers wouldn't like, and (3) if it was friendly, it would quickly end with "everything perfect for everyone forever"; not much of a story.

Comment: Re:More of the same (Score 1) 116

by Meneth (#49446943) Attached to: 'Let's Encrypt' Project Strives To Make Encryption Simple


Certificate validation is a defense against Man-in-the-Middle attacks. But the "Let's Encrypt" system is vulnerable to a MitM attack between its server and the server that would request the proper certificate.

It can thus be fooled into issuing false certificates by the very people those certificates should defend against.

Comment: Re:Really? (Score 1) 294

by Meneth (#49328181) Attached to: Steve Wozniak Now Afraid of AI Too, Just Like Elon Musk

You seem to underestimate the inventiveness of a superintelligence, and the diversity of hardware controlled by computers, and our reliance on them. It is also possible to use electronic communication to make humans do work for you.

For example, if the AI solves the Protein Folding Problem, it could contact a Protein Sequencing Service and have them build proteins that fold into self-replicating nanobots.

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