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Comment Re:What kind of dumbass company... (Score 2) 133

What kind of dumbass company is going to spend money porting a new version of an OS to an old platform, with no payday for doing so?


Well, OK there must be a payday. Perhaps they see the fact that you can put the latest iOS onto a 4s as a selling point. i.e. if you splashed the cash for one in 2011 you would feel better knowing that, theoretically, you could still have the latest OS four years later even if unreality you replace it after two years.

Comment Re:Details (Score 1) 181

Come to Europe and look at the cars. You will see very few American cars and the ones that you do see will generally be niche models. Now it could be that most US cars are unable to pass European safety standards or it could be that the perception in Europe is that American cars are crap badly made gas guzzling turds that won't go round corners.

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