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Comment Re:Ridiculous (Score 1) 132

There is a reason why it shouldn't be the case for Android. The reason is that Google doesn't make the phones. This patch will have to be tested on each manufacturer's devices before it is made available. Google isn't going to do that, the manufacturers are. Well, you'd hope the manufacturers are.

This is the fundamental difference between the Android and iOS ecosystems, Android is fragmented, iOS is monolithic.

Comment Re:Regions and business strategy (Score 1) 249

The content providers don't sell to the end users, they sell to media companies. If you're, say, Channel 5 in the UK and you buy the latest hot American TV show, you'll probably not be screening it for several months. In fact, in some cases you might be broadcasting more than a year after the air date in the USA. If the same show has been made available on Netflix in the UK at the same time as in the US, your viewing figures are going to be eroded which means your advertising revenues will be reduced. Thus you make sure that, in the contract, you get exclusive rights to premier the show in your region, either that or you refuse to pay top dollar to the content provider.

Comment Re:So that most of the world gets an idea... (Score 1) 274

It's all relative. It's the difference between cool and chilled. Go into a pub and order a British lager and a British cask conditioned real ale. You'll notice that the glass of lager is much colder. The lager is chilled using refrigerator technology. The real ale is at the temperature of the cellar which is cooler than room temperature but not refrigerated.

Comment Re:Hyperbole much? (Score 1, Interesting) 67


Balme's heroics were related specifically to Naval enigma which was more complex than the Army and Luftwaffe enigma (a bigger choice of moveable rotors and an extra fourth rotor that did not move whilst keying the message) and operational discipline was much better. In 1941, the British couldn't read Navy traffic without knowing the daily settings for the enigma machines. The daily settings is what Balme recovered that was so important.

In fact, the British never reliably broke the Navy enigma until the Americans got involved. Because of the extra rotors, they didn't have enough bombes. After they gave the designs to the USA, the Americans were able to build many more bombes (and make them faster) so we could reliably break the keys without needing to lift codebooks off U-boats.

Comment Re: RF? (Score 1) 935

No it isn't.

The per country data shows a clear (although not perfect) correlation between the death rate from guns and number of people who own guns. The only reason people say you can't draw generalisations is because the data unequivocally support the case for restricting access to guns and they don't like that.

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