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Comment: If only (Score 0) 182

by rsilvergun (#46784865) Attached to: Click Like? You May Have Given Up the Right To Sue
there was some way to only read the parts that were relevant to you. You'd need a Table to put all the Contents on though, and we all know no table can survive are tax code.

Com'on. Laws are complicated because the real *bleepin'* world is complicated. Ideas and principles don't hold up to reality. Sooner or later you have to either sit down and do the hard work of making thinks work or let it go to hell and stick your fingers in your ears.

Comment: At the risk of being flammed into oblivion (Score 1) 144

by rsilvergun (#46776311) Attached to: Vintage 1960s Era Film Shows IRS Defending Its Use of Computers
I'll say I've found the IRS way easier to deal with then some of the other Creditors I've had. If my wages had kept pace with inflation and I got socialized medicine for my taxes instead of broken down buildings built by corrupt contractors in Iraq I wouldn't even have anything to complain about...

Comment: It wasn't profit (Score 4, Interesting) 117

They over estimated the cost of GDDR5. You can only lose so much money on your console, and Microsoft has lost massive amounts for 2 generations.

They thought the price of GDDR5 was going to be so high they console would sell for more than people could pay. Remember the $799 3DO? No. There's your answer.

They tried to make up for it by putting 64 megs of high speed on die cache, but again screwed up. The cache was expensive and took up space on the CPU die that Sony used for more Cuda cores.

So yeah, it was a money decision, but it wasn't about profit, it was about making a console people could afford. Both companies guessed, and Microsoft guessed wrong.

Comment: Anyone else notice (Score 1) 244

by rsilvergun (#46737099) Attached to: PC Gaming Alive and Dominant
when people started saying "For Playstation, XBox and Steam" though? It's practically a platform in itself. Kinda like how people called video games "The Nintendo" back in the day.

I have to admit, I like the convenience of Steam. With my Gog copy of Shadow Warrior I've got to patch it up every time I install. My Steam games auto patch themselves.

Comment: I don't think so... (Score 0) 76

by rsilvergun (#46734981) Attached to: Can Web-Based Protests Be a Force for Change?
Yeah, that Mozilla guy stepped down, but there aren't a lot of real consequences to that (save for him being out an easy paycheck ).

Take a look at Occupy Wall Street. That was a real movement with real impact. It was also systematically (and very effectively) shut down before it accomplished anything :(.

Comment: You're not cynical enough (Score 1) 578

by rsilvergun (#46730691) Attached to: Michael Bloomberg: You Can't Teach a Coal Miner To Code
they full well understand. They're counterbalancing the well being of that 50 year old coal miner against the enormous wealth they consider their birthright. For the nicer ones if they can keep the enormous wealth and let the coal miner do ok so much the better, and for a few of the nasty ones they're looking forward to the cheaper labor that coal miner and his peers entering the workforce will create...

Comment: Whew! (Score 2) 236

Had me going there. For a minute I thought there might be some discussion that the people running GM might somehow be at fault. Thankfully they are blameless as always, and have rooted the true culprits in the form those dastardly engineers.

Seriously though, I'm tired of being told that it's OK for these people to be super super rich because of all the value they add and the risks they take, when $#@! like this keeps happening and they never once take a hit. I know it's how ruling classes work and all, but it still sucks...

Comment: There's no one I would call progressive today (Score 1) 133

Except Maybe Alan Grayson, and it's all he can do to hold onto his seat. Back when the health care debate was raging he pointed out that the right wing's answer was If you get sick, die quick. They moved in with so much money he lost his seat, and since they own the media they also stopped covering anything he said.

I don't have anything to compare to. Anyone who is even remotely progressive just gets destroyed...

Comment: Re:This is how America ceases to be great (Score 3) 133

Actually we're the only country that wasn't blasted into the stone age during WWII. For a brief period of time fear of communists stealing factories kept off-shoring at bay (ironically it Marx used to warn that capital flowing to where labor was cheapest was a problem). A small group of progressives dragged the rest of our country out of the uncivilized mess it was mired in (the American South didn't exactly go along with the the whole Civil Rights thing quietly, and lately they've been pushing voter suppression hard).

I hate to say it, but I wouldn't so much as call us 'great' as I would very lucky. For most Americans prosperity was a temporary blip on the radar they're watching fade away...

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