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Comment Re:1 million processing operations = 1.2 inches (Score 1) 52

You should learn the difference between a single sensor return and a full perception result. Also, look up sensor noise, integration time, classifier inputs and training. Please tell me how you're planning on dealing with rain and snow.

Yes, if it was as simple as a magic sensor that could tell you instantly at max range 1) that the thing is a car (even though you won't see all of it immediately) 2) what its velocity vector is and 3) what its going to do, then yes, things are as simple as you wish they were.

But they are really, really not.

Comment Their requirements are lacking (Score 1) 52

Unless they just want the small/low speed vehicle market, their requirements are grossly lacking. For a road-going autonomous vehicle, "dozens of meters" is useless at any real speed. Try ~100 meters as a start and go from there. Otherwise you'll always be outrunning your perception and unable to see anything in time to stop.

Comment Its in there. (Score 1) 305

They know what's in it. What they may not know is how it will be applied.

However, they know how it is applied, because it has been done for years. They know that employers will specify impossible and non-existent job requirements so that they can justify H1B hires. IN 1988 a recruiter contacted me looking for a programmer with 10 years of experience with PC DOS.

Comment Lawsuits (Score 4, Interesting) 114

Lawsuits against companies for illegal spam also reduces spam.

in 2003, I filed a spam lawsuit against a drug spammer in Florida. Shortly after I settled, the amount of spam I received went down by about 50%.

I filed several spam lawsuits between 2013 and 2014. The e-mail load on my mail server went down by 75%.

Between May 27 2013 and Sat Jul 18 2015 (782 days) my server processed 4,801,196 e-mails (6,1397/day).

In 2012, my server typically processed between 20k-22k e-mails per day.

Between Aug 11 2008 and Nov 29 2008 (110 days) my served processed 1,419,128 e-mails. (12,901/day) But In 2011 I more than doubled the number of e-mail users.

When you sue the advertisers, they may terminate some of the spammer and the advertisers get some of the money from the spam networks that they use. At the very least, spam lawsuits get you on the spammer's suppression lists.

Comment They did copy and paste! (Score 2) 181

They did copy and paste 37 lines of code, the rangecheck function. The court ruled it diminimus and therefore non-infringing. So, Oracle's lawyers took another tact.

They claimed that this copying gave Google a big advantage and allowed them to get to market sooner. Alsup responded to this argument with ""I couldn't have told you the first thing about Java before this problem. I have done, and still do, a significant amount of programming in other languages. I've written blocks of code like rangeCheck a hundred times before. I could do it, you could do it. The idea that someone would copy that when they could do it themselves just as fast, it was an accident. There's no way you could say that was speeding them along to the marketplace. You're one of the best lawyers in America, how could you even make that kind of argument?"

Comment You are all idiots! (Score 1) 86

The current rules do not permit anonymous information! These anonymous proxy services are the actually owners of the domains which licenses the domains back to the customers. See Balsam v. Trancos and Solid Host v. NameCheap.

ICANN simply does not really enforces its rules, they never have. The only time ICANN gets off their ass is when they are really publicly embarrassed, trying to get rid of Karl Auerbach, or Registrar meltdown.

In its recent rules, ICANN has adopted definitions for privacy services which recognize, not endorses. One can recognize different types of murder, but not endorse it.

Comment Re:Malcom Gladwell is a corporate shill (Score 2) 247

Not only that, but in the article he completely dismisses/ignores/pretends-it-doesn't-exist the Toyota unintended acceleration analysis that happened after the NASA folks got their chance. Turns out the NASA folks didn't get everything there was to analyze, and low and behold once all of the info was available: Toyota's engineers did a crap job of safety in their software.

Full details can be read here.

I can't speak to him being a shill, but he's definitely either misinformed or disingenuous.

Comment Re:2 weeks notice? Fuggedabouit (Score 1) 279

There is no (usually in the USA) law that says when you give notice, the employer cannot fire you immediately without paying.

Of course, when that happens, you can contact the new employer and ask to start immediately. I worked with someone who was called into the office when he was about to give notice. They laid him off and gave him 6 months severance. You could always apply for unemployment for the time you are fired, though generally there is a 1 week waiting period.

Comment Re:If he's sufficiently important... (Score 2) 279

Yeah right. If you were giving notice and you were planning on stealing or sabotaging, would you have not done it already?

I was once laid off. After I was told, I went back to my desk, had some coffee, checked in the code I was working on.

Once I was illegally fired, the company's network had some back doors (not put in by me). If I wanted, I could have wiped every machine in the company, or encrypted the entire hard drive, left them running until all the backups were corrupted, then take them down.

It all depends on the person you hire. If you hire someone who is technically good, if they want they will find a way to burn you. It all depends on the moral fiber of the person.

Numeric stability is probably not all that important when you're guessing.