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Comment: It is called good coding. (Score 4, Insightful) 189

Many people are shocked that computers/systems for 20 years still run, but is says a few things:

1. That people are used to crap code that can't keep running.
2. That people are used to crap products that can't last for more than a couple of years.

If it ain't broke, why fix it? They sent man to the moon on less CPU horsepower than my Nexus 6. Voyager has been running for more than 35 years in the harshness of space.

Comment: I can host (Score 1) 115

by (#48182111) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Good Hosting Service For a Parody Site?

I can provide hosting. I am not a big host like some others, but am located in USA and I do not cave to threats.

The last guy, Robert Smolely, who threatened me with a libel claim for posting my lawsuit accusing him of illegal spamming spent 40 months in prison. I had an ex employer threaten me with a libel claim which when we went to court, they wrote me a 6 figure check.

Contact me through my web site.

Comment: Re:Yes it is rascist, and a little sexist (Score 1) 612

by (#45764257) Attached to: Is Computer Science Education Racist and Sexist?

I have a friend who I met during my junior year in high school and her junior year of college. She was a EE and chemistry major. She ended up doing microprocessor optimization code, and was definitely female. She was working on her masters in physical electronics while married.
  I didn't see her in these courses to get a husband.

Comment: Nothing new! (Score 1) 56

This is not a new thing. In the 1976 the Mario Umana Harbor School of Science and technology was formed as a partnership between MIT and the Boston Public Schools. We never got tours of Facebook or Google, but that might be because they didn't exist at the time. We got tours of the MIT museums and labs.

Of course, who doesn't know about the Bronx High School of Science.

Comment: Talk to a lawyer. (Score 1) 341

This is not legal advice until: I go to law school, graduate law school, become licensed in your jurisdiction, and confirm your retainer check had cleared.

Talk to a lawyer to determine where they can be sued. If you provided code to them, revoke the license to use/distribute that code and inform them of that. File a copyright on that code. Then sue them for piracy, breach of contract, fraud, promissory estoppel, unjust enrichment, etc. Once you get a judgement, seize assets, have the court find the corporation in contempt, lock up the officers. Have a blue police box wait for a few people who can help. Essentially, go to war.

In Nature there are neither rewards nor punishments, there are consequences. -- R.G. Ingersoll