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Comment: "Right to be forgotten"==Opression (Score 1) 224

by Maudib (#47136171) Attached to: Thousands of Europeans Petition For Their 'Right To Be Forgotten'

"The right to be forgotten" requires a great imposition on others. If I observed you in a cafe, what would it take for you to assert your right to be forgotten? Why is it any different in the case of a group of individuals or a corporation?

My memory of you is part of my identity, something you have no right to.

Comment: Re:Change? In the web? Not really. (Score 1) 246

Does anyone actually hire pure HTML/CSS web developers anymore?

I can get any PSD converted to pixel perfect, clean, well written HTML/CSS overnight for about $20. Im not about to hire someone who can't code server side.

For fulltime work they had better be strong on some server side stuff as well HTML/CSS or be truly pro at something like Angular or D3. All of the above require basic understanding of datas structures and design patterns.

Comment: Re:Rumers..demise..exaggerated. (Score 1) 289

by Maudib (#46064317) Attached to: Microsoft Reports Record Revenue

C is still the undisputed king of enterprise, and growing.
Java has about 3x the adoption of C#. Both are declining. C# peaked in 2012 and is plummeting.

Finally there, like C# and .Net, there is a big difference between Java and the JVM. You are right that for many things C# the language is better (though fuck the eco system) then Java. However the JVM is amazing.

Watch out for Scala. Its actually starting to woo C devs.

Comment: Re:Biology workbook (Score 4, Interesting) 770

by Maudib (#45986681) Attached to: Creationism In Texas Public Schools

Is this behavior really different then what goes on in Texas public schools? Of course not. We get the same sort of anti-science stuff from traditional public schools down there. The fact that this is a charter school isn't the problem. This is just a feature of Texas.

Of course in places like NYC, we see charter schools dedicated to math and good science. Charter schools reflect a community's desire for education. Thats it.

Comment: Re:Node.js (Score 1) 400

by Maudib (#45782311) Attached to: Is Ruby Dying?

Total bullshit. Javascript/Node is just fine for some projects.

Look, I code in and love Scala primarily these days due to my projects requirements. Static typing, functional, oo and compiled, its great for many "serious" applications. That said, for the 50% of web applications where time to market, and not maintainability or performance is most important, Node.js is better. I fail to see how "real" programmers could have any problem coding in Node. Its dead fucking simple.

Comment: Re:Urban versus rural [Re:red v blue] (Score 1) 285

by Maudib (#45700871) Attached to: Census Bureau: Majority of Affluent Counties In Northeast US

Funny, but fortunately not accurate.

Food production is now a big company thing, done by companies owned by those of us who live in NYC. A more accurate rephrasing of your statement is:

"If the people who actually have power and money suddenly didn't, and uneducated rednecks were in charge, things might be bad for people in NYC".

Also, you should be relieved to note that NJ, NY and New England have more then enough agriculture to feed ourselves. It really isn't a Urban vs. Rural argument either, as we love rural folk up here and vice versa. Its really about NYC & New England versus fly over country.

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