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Journal MasterOfMagic's Journal: Non-Beta Index Broken (Nope, I'm an idiot!) 5

This morning, when logging into Slashdot without JavaScript and with the beta index disabled in my account, the last stories I see are from yesterday, October 05, 2008. Turning on JavaScript doesn't show these stories. Only turning on JavaScript AND enabling the new, beta index, shows them.

As much as I generally avoid complaining, this is absurd. It's almost like you're trying to change the very nature of Slashdot out from under the people that have been reading it for 10 years now. If I wanted 'omg shiny', I wouldn't be here. I go here for reliability.

It's almost like you're trying to get rid of readers, though I'm sure my boss will be overjoyed that the site is basically unusable. Means he'll get more for his money.

UPDATE: I had kdawson and Zonk unchecked in the author's index. Though that leads me to another question: Why is the beta index not honoring my author's index settings?

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Non-Beta Index Broken (Nope, I'm an idiot!)

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  • by CmdrTaco (1) * Works for Slashdot <[gro.todhsals] [ta] [adlam]> on Monday October 06, 2008 @07:50AM (#25271953) Homepage Journal
    please email with time stamps, screenshots, and any other information you can. I can't see how the bug you describe would happen- sounds like a strange caching problem, but if you follow up in email I'll try to sort it out. But you're the first person to complain of this sort of problem.
  • And I'm using the very worst browser on the market (IE6). Beta doesn't work so I just shut it off in the preferences (somne kind slashdotter told me how last week)
    • My problem (as best as I can tell, and take it with a grain of salt given my willingness to jump on Slashdot over the classic index issue) was that I had kdawson and Zonk unchecked for stories, and since they were the only ones who had posted stories in the intervening time, it looked as though I was missing all stories from today. These stories showed up when I had the beta index turned on, which makes it look like the beta index is not respecting those settings.

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