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Comment: Everyone keeps saying GPS (Score 1) 294 294

Trains don't really wander around randomly. So its not necessary to use the GPS system. Fixed point emitters over the tracks using simple technology would exactly position the train and insure reception no matter what the conditions. Even inside a tunnel.

I understand that putting new hardware into the trains is hard, expensive and difficult to clear for safety. But putting new hardware into the operators hands is not. Put a friggin electronic helmet on his head with a siren that goes off if the train is too fast for its registered weight / vs the track he is on. Tell him he fired if the siren goes off.
Heck, put a tens unit on it.

Comment: With a drone landing pad on top (Score 1) 92 92

The truck drives to the address or general area, and a drone lifts the package and deposits it on the doorstep. Then flies back to the truck to fast-charge for the next delivery. Short hops, with added intelligence / visualization provided by the truck.

Comment: Setup a machine for instant re-installation (Score 1) 334 334

Setup a hard drive or usb key with a re-installation image so that if they do experience trouble, they can just re-image their machine. All updates and software they need already installed.

Or you could have the system dual boot. Normal windows boot, but you can have them grub boot into linux and that will give you a pristine platform to log-in and save files/re-image their machine remotely via partition image. You have them boot into linux, and then you can operate on a comatose window partition without interference via ssh.

Comment: I was simply disagreeing with the term "tool" (Score 1) 600 600

I was not disagreeing with gun ownership. I just think a gun is a weapon, not a tool. If you call a gun a tool, then what is a sword? An ad-hoc non-elective surgical instrument? Overgrown Cutlery? Guns are not tools. They are weapons. I have no objection to the ownership of weapons...within reason. I just think calling them a tool seems like an attempt to shroud their importance by mingling them with other more benign implements like screwdrivers.

Comment: to answer your last comment first (Score 1) 600 600

I am not nor will I ever advocate smart guns.
In answer to your skunk anecdote, how many rounds was your weapon capable of raining down on said skunk. If you had a gun with 12+ rounds ready fly in less than 5 seconds, then I would say you had a weapon of war.

Comment: Please be specific (Score 1) 937 937

To which premise do you refer? I did not make the comment with the expectation of making friends, but rather to incite debate. Anyone who talks about religion and Atheism should expect debate.
That said. Religion is a fundamental construct of western civilization. To claim disagreement with what so many people have born, lived, killed, and died to believe is a very serious thing.
Premise: Atheism is a refutation or dismissal of ALL stories, anecdotes, eyewitness accounts, and historical records that claim the "for real" corporeal or non-corporeal existence of divine beings .
Premise: The refutation or dismissal of the existence of divine beings is incompatible with the belief, first-hand accounts, and historical record of said divine beings.
Premise: A Atheist, by virtue of the first premise, holds that the stories, anecdotes, and first-hand accounts of divine beings are wrong due to error or deception.

"I don't believe in sweeping social change being manifested by one person, unless he has an atomic weapon." -- Howard Chaykin