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Comment: Why use drones at all? (Score 1) 209

by Marrow (#47803959) Attached to: Hidden Obstacles For Delivery Drones

Drones seem un-necessary. Why the return trip? Why not make the delivery vehicle....a "smart-bomb". A delivery vehicle that could be dropped from a [very] large plane and that descends in a very controlled fall to its destination. Maybe homing in on GPS, or using a small camera.. It would have just enough smarts to control its descent and make adjustments, but be disposable otherwise. Or tough enough to ship back to Amazon by "ground" shipping.

Comment: A standardized interface for changing passwords (Score 5, Insightful) 383

by Marrow (#47647099) Attached to: DARPA Wants To Kill the Password

Every single site has a different way of giving you a way to change your password. This makes it impossible to write programs to write programs to change your a password manager for instance. Imagine if you could just type in your new password into your password manager program, and it changes all the passwords it manages with one click. They could all be randomly generated and different for every site. Hints, recovery, email addresses, could all be updated with one click. With a history as to the previous versions in case something went south.

Instead of struggling with writing all the captcha's, and strength meters, and interfaces, and all the CRAP that the every site on the planet does differently. Just standardize the interface and maintenance of passwords. And then standardize the strength of the generator programs. And voila, permanent security that is controlled where it should be: in your hands.

Comment: The mass of the galaxy seems fundamental (Score 1) 119

by Marrow (#47570505) Attached to: The Milky Way Is Much Less Massive Than Previous Thought

But maybe its harder to measure MilkyWay than to measure the mass of other galaxies. Still, they cannot directly measure the mass of anything out there. So they are implying the mass by looking at the light coming from them and from neighboring objects. I would rather look forward to them being proven wrong about their assumptions because we would learn more. Maybe they might learn something that could help us out here on Earth.

So I prefer to look at theories which challenge the accepted science in the hopes that new discoveries might spark new technologies here at home.

Comment: Start from scratch (Score 0) 119

by Marrow (#47566553) Attached to: The Milky Way Is Much Less Massive Than Previous Thought

If they can be that wrong about something so fundamental, then how can they possibly claim to understand things or be right now?

I read an article recently about scientists saying the speed of light is not constant. Has their new variable speed of light calculation been plugged into all these other cosmology equations? Maybe this dark matter fudge factor would disappear and we would stop being wrong by the 1/2 the mass of a galaxy.

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