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+ - NY Times "Free" trial is a trap->

Submitted by LiquidCoooled
LiquidCoooled (634315) writes "The New York Times have recently begun offering an exact digital replica of the daily newspaper.
However to get a look at this nifty sounding site, you must signup and leave your credit card details.
The only thing which concerns me is the following:

Page Headline: Free: Try The New York Times Electronic Edition For 7 Days

Clause lower down: The first charge will be on the 5th day of your 7-day free trial.

My question then, how do I get a free 7 day trial?"

Link to Original Source
Wireless Networking

+ - 'Sidejacking ' On WiFi

Submitted by ancientribe
ancientribe (1057834) writes "As if you need another reason not to use WiFi unprotected, here's one: a researcher has released a tool that lets hackers "sidejack" your machine and access your Web accounts. Called Hamster, the tool basically clones the victim's cookies by sniffing their session IDs and controlling their Website accounts. 692&WT.svl=news1_2"

+ - Wanna Watch Sky Channels For Free? Make a Baby!

Submitted by
Ikaro writes "A couple of Sundays ago I saw a soccer game and a movie on Sky TV without having any subscription, nor decoder and even less a satellite dish.
It happened thanks to a very simple object that serves for other purposes.
I've found extremely funny this combination of events which IMHO represent the incapacity of who tries to fight against the new media potentiality, like a man who tries to stop a little torrent with his hands and is overwhelmed. Read this story to know more"

+ - Dreamhost removes access to sites with HD-DVD key

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Dreamhost, a big hosting company is removing access to sites to sites with the HD-DVD key (spanish site hosted in DH) and request delete HD-DVD key above re-activate their(s) site(s), this is the email:

DreamHost Abuse/Security Team


We have received complaint from the Advanced Access Content System Licensing Administrator (AACS LA) regarding a posting to your site at the following location:

It appears that on the page above you are publicizing their AACS processing key "clave en cuestión", which can be used to decrypt the Fair Use-encroaching digital rights management (DRM) software that their firm provides to content owners for use in HD-DVD players.

While we believe that the "cat is out of the bag" and that their AACS system is inherently flawed, the similarly flawed Digital Millennium Copyright Act's anti-circumvention rules technically makes this a violation of US copyright law. As such, we have had to remove access to the above site by renaming its parent directory. Once you can ensure that the above entry is no longer visible, you may re-enable it.

The AACS' legal counsel has provided an email address of csims AT proskauer DOT com for you to contact should you wish to do so.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

The AACS fight versus bloggers is just started..."

Microsoft is Screwing Up Live on Vista 114

Posted by Zonk
from the get-with-the-program dept.
Joe The Dragon wrote with a link to an ExtremeTech article lambasting Microsoft for its confusing rollout of the Live service on the PC. While the vision of achievements, a gamerscore, a consistent friends list, and one sprawling multiplayer network is tantalizing, the reality falls somewhat short of that goal. "The biggest mistake Microsoft is making with Live on the PC is the way they're treating the PC as if it's a console platform they can control. They're trying to lock out the rest of the world and to charge for features that PC gamers have had for free for ages. It's a shortsighted, greedy scheme that could only come from a product manager or VP who simply doesn't "get" PC gaming. The free Silver level of Xbox Live lets you log in on the PC and earn Achievements just like you do on the 360--but only single-player Achievements. Multiplayer Achievements are only for those $50-a-year Gold members. Player matchmaking is for Gold members only. Voice in games is for Gold members only. Cross-platform play between 360 and PC is for Gold members only. In fact, the only thing silver members can really do is view a server list and hop onto a specific server." Article author Jason Cross warns Microsoft at the end of the piece that it is 'not too late' to turn things around. Vista is still a young platform, and once driver issues are ironed out and Vista becomes the standard there are still opportunities for success.
Real Time Strategy (Games)

+ - Penthouse (Viral) Online Game (pun intended)

Submitted by escapethis
escapethis (1100471) writes "Penthouse magazine recently released this online game (viral) haha to attract a new audience to a their Mag. Besides having hot nude girls, it has some interesting logic to determine if the girl is responsive to you or not. The pet will or will not do certain actions unless you have interested her the right way."

Time to End Microsoft's Patch Tuesday? 256

Posted by Zonk
from the plenty-of-time-for-trickery dept.
buzzardsbay writes "Techtarget's resident security curmudgeon, Dennis Fisher, is calling for an end to Microsoft's monthly security patching cycle. Fisher points out that 'a hacker only needs one unpatched system, one little crack in the fence in order to launch a major attack on a given network. The sheer volume of the patches Microsoft releases each month makes it quite difficult for even the most conscientious IT department to get every patch out to all of the affected systems in a reasonable amount of time.'"

+ - What's Inside Of Google?

Submitted by
An anonymous reader writes "CNET has some cool photos up of the inside of Google's offices in the UK. "The reception is, as expected, a shrine to Google's achievements and its logo. The Google logo is absolutely everywhere and so are the colours that make up the logo. There are blue, green, red and yellow objects dotted everywhere you look." I also found some pics of its offices in China, New York and the Googleplex. What you see is what you get, it seems like Google's insides are made up of mountains of Google paraphenalia."
The Media

+ - HBO Exec: don't call it DRM, call it DCE!

Submitted by surfingmarmot
surfingmarmot (858550) writes "They figured out their problem with DRM acceptance — it's the name. They want call it Digital Consumer Enablement. Yeah, that's right. DRM _helps_ consumers. But we stupid consumers cannot figure that out because of that nefarious name. I am so glad they are going to clear up that misunderstanding with a name change. The old "Call a thorn a rose and not only will it smell sweet but we won't notice being pricked" ploy eh? Clever. Le DRM est mort, vive le DCE! ont_.html"

"You're a creature of the night, Michael. Wait'll Mom hears about this." -- from the movie "The Lost Boys"