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Homer Simpson Named Greatest TV Character 142

Posted by samzenpus
from the all-my-life-I've-had-one-dream-to-achieve-my-many-goals dept.
A survey by Entertainment Weekly has named Homer Simpson the greatest character created for television or film in the past 20 years. Everyone's favorite beer-swilling, donut-eating dad beat out Harry Potter and Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the top spot. From the article: "'People can relate to Homer because we're all secretly propelled by desires we can't admit to,' Groening was quoted as telling Entertainment Weekly. 'Homer is launching himself head-first into every single impulsive thought that occurs to him. His love of whatever ... is a joy to witness.'"

+ - SPAM: Pixel Qi Unveils A New Breed of LCD

Submitted by
narramissic writes "The first screen product from start-up Pixel Qi is a 10.1-inch netbook screen designed to work in three modes: a black-and-white e-ink mode for reading text documents and e-books, and two color modes, designed for use indoors or in bright sunlight, that are more suitable for Web surfing and video playback. 'A lot of people thought it was impossible to get this kind of performance out of an LCD', says Pixel Qi co-founder Mary Lou Jepsen, 'And so when they see it they get really excited and join with the effort.' The company is now looking for customers and will show off engineering samples at Computex Taipei 2009 next week."
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