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Comment: Re:To hell with OpenGL and Direct3D (Score 2, Informative) 161

by forsetti (#28552583) Attached to: Virtualbox 3.0 Announces OpenGL/Direct3D Support

"Odd protocols, like GRE?"
Hmmm .. not a network guy, are you? Should I use a standardized, widely implemented protocol like GRE, or a single-implementation solution like OpenVPN. Don't get me wrong, I love OpenVPN and thing those guys have a fantastic cross-platform solution ... but GRE isn't exactly an "odd protocol".


+ - Baby monitor picks up space shuttle camera feed.->

Submitted by captrooper
captrooper writes: Baby monitor picks up NASA's live shuttle video. The baby monitor may be getting signal from webcast, but nobody's certain NASA Says:"People here think this is very interesting and you don't hear of it often" PALATINE, Illinois (AP) — An elementary school science teacher in this Chicago suburb doesn't have to turn on the news for an update on NASA's space mission. She just turns on her video baby monitor.
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