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Mark James
Mark James writes: "Australian start-up Rbate is working on a new approach to the dichotomy of just about everything moving to an ad-funded model when more are ignoring, blocking, bypassing, or disadopting it.

Instead of buying ads, product makers offer incentives to consumer advice providers to work with their products, pay rebates to their customers in return for survey responses, and pay those who purchase products made by someone else to tell them why they lost those sales.

The supplier-funded help model used by mortgage and insurance brokers is extended to every type of product, but is done in a more open way than the private deals that these entail. The system is also designed have a lower conflict of interest and better disclosure than alternatives such as direct deals with advertisers, affiliate links, and the full-service retail model of funding consumer help through direct sales.

An ad-free search engine allows consumers to find experts and material that can help them choose the best product, after which they can go looking for vendors to sell them that product."

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